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Bitch Goddess for Dummies by Maya Sharma Sriram
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Bitch Goddess for Dummies by Maya Sharma Sriram

bitch-goddess-for-dummiesThe title was catchy enough to lay my hands on this book as I kept my laptop bag on chair and found this book newly come in for review! I finished the book in two days flat, that is because, I had to sneak time from my sleep and morning breakfast. I could not have read the book in the office hence, two days.

About the author – this is Maya’s first novel and surprisingly it is good , funny, wild humour and full of masala. I must congratulate her on her work at the onset. I hope that she keeps up the good work.

The story is set in Singapore and Chennai. Of late, the Tamilians seem to be hot favorite characters of the writers, not sure though as to why.

So, we have Mira Iyer who is almost 30, single and kind of ready to mingle but the problem is that she earns well, has a mind of her own, fiercely independent and cannot seem to gel with the boys or men who are set up by her mother to meet her. Hence, the usual ma-beti tussle “when-will-you-marry” continues. It does form an important plot of the story. The boss ignores her; the pretty colleague seems to always ahead of her no matter how good work Mira does. The only person who seems to care is Vinay, a friend in need is a friend indeed. He is her team member and a friend.

After being ignored for so long Mira decides to shed her Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes image and gets a new avatar “Bitch Goddess”.  Thus begins a roller coaster ride for Mira. During this ride, she demands a promotion, some good work for her team, she shocks her pretty colleague Sanya, almost loses her friend Vinay, gets wooed by Rohan (Sanya also likes him). As if this was not enough, the plot thickens when her half-sister lands at her doorstep unannounced and insists that she be given shelter; circumstances force her to meet her estranged father too!

So, as readers, you will have some unanswered questions – Did Mira get a promotion? Did she get the projects for her team? What happened to Rohan finally? Who wins Rohan – is it Mira or is it Sanya? So on and so forth. I do not want to give the tidbit details of the entire story, I want people reading this to pick the book and start figuring out themselves. The book gives you a message, a little make over doesn’t harm anyone though it should not be overboard and hurt people.

Sometimes we all need to stop being always nice and make people around us notice and set the things right. The book is all about this and more. Thankfully, there is some dark humour thrown in so that a reader will not get bored.

So, all you people out there, go ahead, pick the book and read it; Oh yes! For ladies, it’s a must read book, some of you will identify with Mira.

Ginger Chai gives a “garam chai – masala maar ke” verdict for Bitch Goddess for Dummies.

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