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3 – Why this kolaveri Di – movie review
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3 – Why this kolaveri Di – movie review

Finally the wait is over. The much anticipated Tamil film 3,  starring Dhanush and Shruti Hassan thanks to the  Why this kolaveri Di viral video that went on to became a global phenomenon on youtube, hits the movie halls today.  Directed by Dhanush’s wife and Super star Rajinikanth’s elder daughter Aishwarya who makes her directorial debut, the movie undoubtedly has a huge expectations which might actually backfire but does it?

A short peep into the story without letting out the obvious.  The movie opens with tragedy striking the life of young married Jnani (Shruti Hassan). While she comes in terms with the tragedy, she recounts her past unravelling the blooming of a love story. The love blooms during the high school days and soon after college they get married. The first half of the movie breezily moves with the love in air, reminding many of us our own school crushes and love stories. From high school and to college days and then they get married against the parent’s wishes, though they half heartedly agree. Second half revolves around the tragedy and unrevealing it. I am not going into the depth as it makes the integral part of the movie 3.

Very few actors can transform themselves into a school boy.  Did I say very few? I feel only Dhanush can. Thanks to his physical features, he is one and propably only actor of his calibre in contemporary Indian films who can flawlessly and unackwardly make a screen apperance as a school boy convincingly. It’s not the first time he has done it though in Tamil films, infact his film career began with a school boy role, though it was a decade back and he was 18 then but for a 28 year actor to do it now is a remarkable transformation indeed. Even Shruti hassan manage to be effortless in her school girl role.  The movie has a controlled acting from all the characters be it the lead pairs or the other co-actors, especially both the friends in the first half and the second half. The friend who comes as his school friend did crack the theatre with his lively one liners.

Anirudh Ravichander,  the debutant music director got his dream launch. With 50 millions views and counting and countless remixes and viral acts, Why this kolaveri Di is something of a phenomenon that does not happen frequently. Ask him, he might feel cursed by the excess expectations the song has created. Enough has been talked about kolaveri D but surprisingly , the other songs lilted pleasantly into the ears onscreen rather than the hit song.

About Kolaveri Di, which I was eagerly waiting for and which came soon after the interval, the picturization in short is  just “epic fail”  I know the expectation was high but come on I have seen better choreographed gaana songs in Tamil film industry even for unheard songs. The choreography is horribly mediocre and shame for a song that went globally viral.

As for Aishwarya, she does have the controlled directorial touch especially for a beginner but then one can’t fail to notice she seem to have been enchanted with her husband’s acting skills that she focussed more on capturing the emotions than the pace of the movie.

So does 3 lives up to its hype? My verdict is mixed. The movie does packs in brilliant and controlled acting. It has wonderful songs, though kolaveri D was a big disappointment onscreen. It has a good story line. But a certain magic is missing. Does it to do with the length of the movie? It is a long movie and peppered with songs, it could have been little more sleekly done but then I can’t even pinpointedly mark it as drag. The plot takes its own time to unravel though not boring, though at the end of the movie you find it stretched a bit. The main drawback may be the huge expectation or for the matter the treatment of the story or the story in itself.  I frankly looked for a breezy romantic story but the movie is strong in flavour with romantic breeziness touching it gently. May be it did not simply live up to the huge expectation the song created and Kolaveri Di has set in a pre-conceived opinion about the movie, which the story line does not match with.

Am i confusing in my verdict? Well, that is 3 for you and if you are wondering why the title 3? It is about the 3 shades of Dhanush’s behavioural traits in the movie.  And my verdict is also a 3 – A concoction which is 1. breezy 2. strong and still 3. not entirely convincing, still it makes a one time watch.

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  1. Purba

    A movie riding high on hype may get a good opening but crashes out if it fails to meet the audience’s expectations.

    Hoping we’ll get to to see the song on television soon!

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