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Chasing my dreams!
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Chasing my dreams!

You may say… Am a dreamer! But I’m not the only one!” This John Lennon song “imagine” is what I remember every time I think of my dreams. It’s so true that each one of us would want to be something at some point of time in our lives. We all have our own goals and aspirations… we always want to be where nobody has ever been before!

We have our own world of fantasy where we try and live that person whom we want to be… At least that’s what I do! I imagine myself being there… I guess it’s a lot of fun! And it’s free!

Imagination! This magical English word is a world in itself… It’s where anything and everything is just a cakewalk… It’s a world wherein I am the boss! And nobody else can fool around… it’s a world where I can loot a shop, rip my boss apart, flaunt expensive cars, have a new girl, give a hard slap to my enemy, and get away as its all legal and ethical! How I wish it was all feasible!

That’s when I wake up! And the stark reality stares at me, it reminds me that it was all too good to be true and this is where I really belong. It hits me every time, with the very same intensity, and I take my time to come to terms with it. Every time it makes me wonder…

It’s a disappointment that there is such a huge disconnect between those two worlds. I have no clue how to bridge the gap. I don know if at all it’s possible. To be honest I really don’t care! All I can do is to keep running behind it!

For instance, I picked up guitar in my engineering! And I dream to perform on stage… Well, looking at the level I am currently in, it might look like am being over ambitious! But it doesn’t matter! The joy of imagining myself on stage, performing to a packed house always gives me Goosebumps! And it always makes me practice more so that I can do it someday!

Every time I set out with my friends on a trek, I dream of heading to Himalayas. That’s something which needs loads n loads of preparation. These treks make me believe that someday, I should do Himalayas! And that’s one thing, probably one of the very few things, which are materializing from my dream world as I am headed to Himalayas pretty soon! And it goes without saying, I am elated! It feels so good when you work hard for a long time, setting your sight on something, and you know it’s about to happen!

Well, if you are wondering what I am trying to convey by writing all this, even I don’t know! I am being completely honest! It was something that was going through my mind for a while now, and that’s about it. All I can say is that I can’t stop dreaming! No matter how stupid those dreams are… I just let it be. Cos at some farthest corner of my mind, I still believe that it might come true someday! I just can’t stop running behind it neither can you!

About the author: Dreams chased by Sharath Subrahmanya from Bangalore. He is an engineering graduate from NIE and currently working with a MNC alongside chasing his numerous dreams.

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