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Should you bathe?
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Should you bathe?

Bird bathingAh, didn’t that catch you off-guard? Of course you should! A bath has many health benefits – shall we count the ways?

A word about baths vs. showers first. I am basically a “bath” person, but many people would rather go in for a shower. While that is okay (besides the fact you’ll waste running water, unless you’re showering with a friend) – a warm relaxing bath can be wonderful after a tiring day. It relieves stress and tension. It cleanses, detoxifies and stimulates blood circulation, strengthening your immune system.

The health benefits of a bath

 Releases muscle tension

 When you enjoy a warm bath, it goes all the way into your muscles, relaxing you and helping you become more flexible. Make it even better with some gentle stretching. My orthopaedic says that regular bathing benefits the musculo-skeletal system, keeping it healthier. It helps to maintain your muscle position, distributing the tension across the skeletal system. If you are prone to tension headaches (aren’t we all at some point of time or other!) the easiest remedy is a nice long bath to relieve them.

Stress reliever

Stress is a part of life. Denial is futile (even if it is a river in Egypt). Relax in a long bath and watch your anxiety and worries vaporize and drift away. We’re talking about an uninterrupted bath.


You know that sweating detoxifies your body, yes? So go in for a bath that is warm enough to make you sweat a bit but not so hot that you’ll get scalded and cooked. In fact, if you have noticed, you will also know that bathing regularly reduces body odor from sweat and the need for deodorants. The temperature of the water is also effective in killing different types of bacteria and viruses, consequently resulting in fewer colds and infections in the long run.

Boosts blood circulation

Bathing gets your blood circulating vigorously, enhancing the production of healthy blood cells and healing damaged tissue in the body.

Strengthens the immune system

As I said earlier, bathing can result in fewer instances of colds as it helps you fight infection. Since it stimulates the vascular and lymph system, it decreases your risk for a cold and flu, and helps the immune system work harder to destroy bacteria.

 A word of caution: If you suffer from abnormal blood pressure (low or high), avoid a bath that is too hot as it can create problems. Make sure you cool down gradually after a hot bath. Let the bath water cool. Allow your body to return to its normal temperature and circulation slowly before you step out of the tub.

Don’t forget that moisturizer is best applied on your damp skin as soon as you finish your bath.

Stay healthy!

Vidya Sury  is a Freelance Writer and Professional Blogger. She’s mom to a teenager who enjoys his bath.

When she’s not working, getting a caffeine overload, listening to music, reading or spring cleaning, she blogs at Going A-Musing  Coffee With Mi!  and Your Medical Guide  and tweets as @vidyasury

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  1. Sunil

    nice article on the benefits of bathing, to add on a bath makes one feel fresh, not only physically, but mentally as well sometimes, mood changer…

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