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I love u like I have loved nobody
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I love u like I have loved nobody


I sleep in night seeing your pic,
I dream of you waking me up with a kiss,
You have given my life the ultimate bliss,
For you have actually become my charming Prince.

I eagerly wait for the day, when we will hold hands,
Uniting our lives with the exchange of garlands,
Becoming best friends forever and companions for life
Not merely a husband and a wife.

I Will follow you like a shadow,
I will be with you always like there is no tomorrow,
I commit myself to you heart, soul and body,
For you are my life, my love and I love u like I have loved nobody.

Poem written and submitted by Priyanka Gupta.

Photo credits:

Male model: Warren David Dodsworth

Female model: Prarthana Nanaiah

Photographer: Laxmi Narayan

Concept & Styling: Sanjiv Vakharia

Make-up: Raju

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