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Have you met Tech Raman yet?
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Have you met Tech Raman yet?

Begining new year, I have been quietly working on a new pet project and now I feel is the time to announce it to our readers here.

Meet Tech Raman, well the official name as per records would be

The new site will focus on technology, latest gadgets, reviews, infographics, social media, tech news and the future trends. Why the name Tech Raman? Well, most of you would have read and heard the stories of the  famous 16th century court-poet of Vijayanagara empire, Tenali Raman. He was known for his simplicity, quick wit and wisdom.  During childhood, I have read volumes of his stories and needless to say fascinated by him. So when I decided to start a technology site, I wanted to present it in a “simplified tech speak” , so Tech Raman is here to tech wit you like his inspiration who lived many centuries ago.
Long time readers of Ginger Chai would know we constantly strive to improvise, so would be with Tech Raman, the journey has just began and we are aware it is a long road ahead. So do patronize, guide and walk the journey with us the same way you have been supporting us here at GingerChai.

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  1. Nandini

    Best wishes. Nice name selection. Even those non-Indians unfamiliar with Tenali raman would identify with Sir C V Raman.

  2. umashankar

    That site looks neat. I went through quite a few snippets and wondered when and if some of the products mentioned will touch the Indian shores. Over time however, users would expect real reviews too. The journey ahead may turnout to be long and tough. Wish you all the best.

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