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Renault Pulse – Review
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Renault Pulse – Review

Identical twins. That’s what one may call Nissan Micra and the latest Renault on Indian road, Renault Pulse. Brushing  aside few half-hearted minor cosmetic changes, there is hardly any worthwhile differentiation between both the cars who share the same platform. For those who might wonder how this is possible? It is due to the fact both the companies have cross-share holdings ad share the platforms.

I don’t quiet understand what could have been the basis on which Renault decided to bring out a car that has no identity of its own and almost a mirror reflection of Micra.  Let me make the pictures speak about the twin cars.

Nissan Micra and Renault Pulse

Spot the seven difference!

So can you spot the differences? Well, the “radical makeover” (pun intended) of Pulse could be seen best in the front. The grille, the head lamp gets a small a bit of “correction” and then a couple of bold lines make the front of Micra into Pulse and ofcourse not to forget the Renault logo. Though the large front grille tries to give an masculine look to stay clear off Micra’s “cute” looks.

Now let’s look at the rear…

Not much of a change here except a slightly modified tail light, a sharp lines that merge near the Renault logo and then the bumber got little cosmetic correction.

And a peep into the dashboard of both the cars …

Same pinch! Except for the badge and the interior colors. So if you have any strong opinion on Nissan’s Micra, it might very well hold onto Pulse too.

Anyways, lets check out the pulse of Renault’s Micra ooops Pulse!

So about the visual appearance, it has enough said with comparisons above. The few changes Renault design team had done over Micra is rather forced than compliment.

Pulse comes in two variants: RxL and RxZ and there is only diesel engine available.

You have seen the dashboard in the above pics, all the controls and design are similar to the one in Micra and so like its counterpart they are well laid and ergonomically done and frees lots of legroom and headroom. The quality of plastics is decent enough though not exceptional.  Overall Pulse got quiet good liveable interiors, expected as it is glaringly similar to the Micra’s interiors with no change whatsoever.

Pulse comes equipped with engine start/stop button with illuminated push buttons, smart key access for 5 doors, electrically adjustable external rear view mirrors with auto fold, automatic climate control, alloy wheels, fog lamps though all this features are available only with the top end version, RxZ. Should  I say again what it reminds? Ah you very well know it by now.

Under the hood is a 8 valve SOHC four-cylinder, 1,5 L turbo diesel engine that delivers 63 bhp at 4,000 rpm and 16.3 kg of torque at 2,000 rpm. The engine is bit noisy outside though better insulation minimizes the vibrations and noise inside though still a better ear would catch a mild noise.

Thanks to a good kerb weight ratio of the car, the engine behaves smoothly and effortlessly especially driving in city is a joy. Overall, Pulse is a decent city car to ride and performs good. Come into highways and on high speed, you will feel the car looses a bit of steam and scrampling for power.  So don’t ever attempt to compare it with Maruti Swift on the higher pedals.  The ride quality is good thanks to a very absorbing suspension that cushions the bumpy road very well.

With Ac on you can expect 12-13 Kmpl under city conditions which is again decent enough.

Pulse comes in 6 colors.

Pulse sports a price tag of Rs. 5,77,00 for the base RxL and Rs.6,25,000 for RxZ variant. (both Ex-showroom price, Bangalore)

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