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A Stamped Love Story – Part 2
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A Stamped Love Story – Part 2

If you have missed the part 1 of the story, please read the begining of the stamped love story here

Thunder woke me up from my daydreaming. I made another cup of tea and opened the letter without damaging the stamp. China was a nice addition to my collection.

  “Dear Jenny,

Am back! As promised, the stamp from China is delivered. I wonder why you still chose the snail mail over face book. Anyway, China is too crowded for my taste and one can get lost in the crowd.

I had an accident yesterday. The cat is out of the bag. The whole family knows about you. Alana, the little magpie would not keep her mouth zipped and I am being subjected to 20 questions from everyone, including Mom. Her mind is as sharp as it was when she was 30.”


He was still the same. His letter brought life to words. He would never understand that ink and paper had a strange way of arousing emotions. Facebook would mean that he could track me electronically. The letter was routed to me ….no one would know.

 ” The secret is out…. am not gay!” I laughed at his declaration.

 ” They have confirmed that you are a lady friend and not a guy! So much for the plan!!  Everything had changed. The stakes are high. They are planning a huge Christmas party at Bangalore with prospective brides. Come and rescue me.

 Please save me from that fate and say yes. Your voice still lingers in my ears.

 Say Yes Jenny




I remember the first call asking if I was Jenny. A strange thrill traveled from my feet to the tips of my hair at the sound of his voice. I loved his voice. I remember our conversation like it was yesterday.

                                                *          *          *          *

” Jenny, did you like the stamp?” he asked.

“Which one?” I whispered as I looked around cautiously.

“The eclipse…”

” Yes, thanks Jac.”

” Are you scared?”

I wanted to say No…” Yes, if dad sees me on the phone, I will be spanked.”

“What is your dad like? Mine died when I was 10 yrs old. “

” I thought your Dad was alive”

” I mean my real dad is no more. He was a great guy.”

” Mine is strict. He is a business man. Reputation is everything. If I am caught talking to a guy, he will be ashamed….”

” I don’t remember mine being strict. Mom re-married when I was twelve. My step-dad is a great guy. But no one can replace my Dad. I miss him”

I felt sad for him. I had no clue as to who was on the other side and yet that thought did not scare me. As a worry wart, I worried about everything. What people thought of me, my father’s reputation, why people would talk to me…yet this stranger made me feel safe. I trusted him.

“My grandpa says Heaven required a lot of lovely people at different times. Am sure your Dad is in a good place.”

“After my Dad died, I used to be angry. I hated everyone.”


“I don’t know. I felt hurt, I guess. When your letters came, they made me smile.”

There was a smile in his voice. I could feel it then.

“Is that why you called me special?” I wanted to hear him say it.

“You are special. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.” He was so sincere.

” Why am I special?”

He paused.

I bit my lip. Silence stretched.

” Coz no one makes salty cakes like you do!” his voice cracked with a laugh.

I burst out laughing.

“Jennyyyyyy, where are you? Who are you talking too?!”

My heart froze in fear. It sounded like Dad was walking up the stairs.

“I got to go!” I whispered frantically.

” No you can’t! You have to give me a number to call back!”

” Nooooo”

“Then promise me you will call back!”

” I will try!”

“Jac..Dad will be up any minute! Please!” I begged. I could not put the phone down.

“Promise me!…”

I was exasperated, ” Look, I promise to call you.”

” What if you don’t?” he asked coolly.

I was stumped.  We had kept each other a secret for 5 yrs….one wrong move and Dad would have me punished. I would be humiliated. He considered me responsible.

“What do you want me to do?!”

” Meet  me face to face.”

I could hear my mother calling….”Jenny…. Come down.”

I resorted to begging” Please… I got to go…”

“Ok…then promise me….” He whispered.

Even while I was stressing, it gave me a strange thrill. “What….” I whispered hiding by the curtains near the phone. I prayed no one would notice me.

“If I don’t receive a call from you before I leave, you will meet me…”

“I can’t call you! This was the only time…”

” Ok, then I have your address…I will come down to meet you!”


” Promise me…that you will meet me and I will keep us a secret”

” That’s blackmail! “

“Nope. Promise to meet me and I will honor my promise”

” When? When, do you want to meet me and where?”

” There is time…say, next year, 16th July? I shall tell you the place.”

I could hear my mother calling….”Jennyyyyyyyyy…. Come down.”

“No,” I hissed ” let’s meet around Christmas…” I could not believe I was saying that. Christmas was far away but it would give me enough time to plan.


At this point I saw my mother’s face and panicked. I wanted to run away and said the first thing that came to my mind before slamming the phone.

“Yes, I promise. Meet me for Christmas”

                                                *          *          *          *

Promises were made to be broken…..

 To be continued…

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