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And We Start A New 365 Pages!
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And We Start A New 365 Pages!

Yes, we are opening a new book. We promise to fill it with meaningful thoughts, actions and words. Every year that passes by, gives us an opportunity to learn, from mistakes and triumph. We had many ups and few downs. On this day I am not going to pinpoint any one particular event but just begin with an optimism that we earnestly look forward to a productive year ahead.

Thanks to all our readers, contributors, authors and well-wishers for sipping our thoughts and encouraging us.

Wish you all a wonderful year ahead.


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  1. Nikhil Khetan

    1st chapter "learn to manage risk".
    2nd chapter "explore our dreams".
    3rd chapter "learn to use our emotions to think not think with our emotions".
    4th chapter "enjoy our retirement not retire from enjoyment".
    5th chapter " work or no work our wealth stays ahead of inflation".
    6th chapter "learn how to spend money-what to do after we make it".
    If we promise to follow these soon the asset base will be so deep we can afford to smile as along as we live.economies go up and down but they offer us opportunities with them, all we have to do is to see the intelligent ones are those who work with or hire a person more intelligent than they are. when you need an advice make sure you choose an advisor wisely. may year 2012 be our best ever year…yours truely.
    (source: RICH DAD POOR DAD).

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