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Finding Soul

Finding Soul

From the time I stepped into Junior college, I was eager to graduate and start working. My life goals were set, planned and ready to be executed.  But when I finally graduated in the recession year, I realized that the world was nothing as it seemed.  The corporate mayhem, confusion, pressure to catch the 9’o clock train every morning became a part of my life but I still remained unhappy, dissatisfied.

I am a Media graduate and unlike most of my classmates and friends Media had been my first choice.  I dreamt of graduating, joining a reputed ad agency as a copywriter and live my dream! And I did, but it was nothing like I dreamt of. A few weeks into it and I realized copy writing at an ad agency was not about writing, it was about surviving in the competitive corporate world.  My writing skills didn’t matter, my social skills did. Every party offer or after work drinks I rejected, became a motive to judge my work. I was ridiculed, teased, termed a loner, a loser and a bore. I frankly didn’t care but what I did care about was the odd working hours. Trust me, ad agencies are not for ordinary, middle class girls like me who want to return back home at a reasonable hour of the evening!

I continued to work here but I had made up my mind on hunting for a better job. It was in one of these presumed job interviews that I had a life altering experience.  The interview turned sour, the interviewer a leech and you can guess the next- I slapped the guy hard and ran for my life.  Till then, I had always been one of those girls who assumed media exaggerates and hypes the problems faced by women – about eve teasing and harassment.  I was sure it would never happen to me but it did and it altered my thinking forever.

It shook my faith in people and you can say I lost my naivety with this experience. I stopped going out, stopped going for interviews and locked myself in the room for hours and days together.  It is here that I must thank my upbringing and my family who didn’t push me, who let me be and let me heal my wounds on my own. I, however, have battled depression before and I know I just cannot stay unhappy for too long. I sat online for hours and hours, scribbled and wrote endlessly. A blog was just not for me and I decided to write a book.  This novel or rather, novella has not been published yet. In India, finding a publisher to back your writing when you don’t have a major surname or loads of money to spare for self publishing is difficult. I haven’t published this book, but I know I will soon- I believe in myself, my work and I know one day those words would come to life.

It was in those times, when I was busy freelancing and writing, that I got a call which changed my life.  My former editor had referred my writing to a friend of a friend whose son wanted to go to USA for his Master’s and he wanted my help in writing essays and SOP’s.  Always the one to help, I grabbed this offer and along with my former editor (who is now my Partner) penned essays and statement of purposes for nearly ten universities.

I realized I enjoyed this entire process of getting to know another person and then writing for him. I knew, in hearts of hearts, this was the calling I was waiting for.  This decision was seconded, when that boy got accepted in one of USA’s Ivy League colleges.  The timing was perfect- the boy was accepted in a college of his dreams and I could finally realize my dreams by opening a specialized writing agency ‘Soulpen’ in Mumbai.

Despite having the passion and talent (hopefully!) for writing, I knew I couldn’t do this on my own. My former editor cum friend cum colleague left her precious job and joined Soulpen as a partner.  Our aim was simple, to help those who cannot write.

I proudly say, Soulpen, is India’s premier writing agency specializing in providing SOP, Essay writing and editing services for students. As we didn’t have much investment in hand, we put in our personal finances and launched a website (  I would be lying if I said that we were a hit instantly. I remember the first few frustrating months when we were literally jobless, waiting for the phone to ring. Then we got an order, and then some.

A writer’s credibility cannot be proven through a print ad or banner. The work speaks for itself and fortunately, ours did. We receive recommendations and referrals from our past clients and that is how till date our ball is rolling!  It is been two years since we began Soulpen, and today I think it speaks for itself.

Soulpen has offices in Mumbai from where I operate, from Dubai from where my partner, Ruma Dubey operates and a branch in USA managed by a common writer friend of ours. Soulpen has expanded its reach- writing not just essays and sop’s but also management articles, dissertations and thesis.

Soulpen which was founded to help a friend of a friend has today become my sole aim, my career and my baby!  With each essay, each work, each project, I show to those gossiping relatives, discouraging friends and even sometimes to my family that  I am not a loser; definitely not a quitter and nothing can back me down.

I have always dreamt of being a writer, writing from an early age and today it is writing that has healed me and helped me find my hidden soul.

Like me, every person has a soul, a passion that is not hidden but still needs to be discovered. I am grateful, I found mine and I hope every person- rich, poor, black , white and even yellow (!) realizes his calling, what he is truly meant to do in this world, in this life!  And always remember, Life doesn’t suck, its people do and it is on you to overcome this battle of ‘Man v/s society!’

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Vinita Radhakrishna is a poetess, an occasional blogger, an aspiring novelist, a full-time writer and partner with Soulpen ( and most importantly, an avid dreamer! For more info, you can reach her at Till then, keep writing!

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  1. Dagny

    Atta Gurl Vinita..!

    Your story made a heart-warming read. You can surely write. I wish soulpen all success. May you be published soon. You surely deserve it.


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