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Don 2 – Review
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Don 2 – Review

After Ra.One’s negative storm, King has to come back and it was bestowed on the hands of Farhan Akhtar to roll the red carpet and blow trumpets.  Yes, SRK blows his own trumpets and the dialogues are tailor made for the Don franchise. But hold on, the Don might  have come back with glory only for die hard SRK fans for rest, it is just an average Bollywood flick slickly made as expected but still falls short of the expectations.

I got to admit the into look of SRK with long locks was impressive inspite of age catching up on his face.  Yes, the fans bursted into claps and whistles when the king walked like a Cheshire cat but as the movie went on the claps were far and very few or almost nil shortly.

By now in Don 2 has become the king of drug cartel in Asia pacific region and wants to spread his empire to Europe, so naturally he invites the wrath of the drug mafia there who wants him dead. He surrenders to Malaysian police headed by Malik (Om Puri) and his deputy Roma (Priyanka chopra) and goes to jail where Vardhaan (Bomman Irani) is cooling his heels.  Though Bomman Irani bays for Don’s blood, Don embraces him with peace offer and Don sets their escape from the Jail.  And why? Don plans a mega bank heist.  And then you get some moments of Italian Job, actions of Die Hard, Lethal weapon etc and then the movie concludes with how Don foxes everyone again including the dumbest Roma and Malik and the German police as well as his other enemies.

Don was supposed to be high on explosive actions but it is rather high on don-isms (don mannerisms and self boasting dialogues). Yes, it has car chases,  cars blow up, exploding bombs, shattering glasses and dishyoom dishyooms but then it never gets into king size action. All the actions are undermined by the cockiness and don-ism. It fails to deliver the high voltage sequences but it delivers the high voltage super star image SRK find himself into and that actually is increasingly becoming a let down. Remember Ra.One? All star show and less of real content. Unlike Amir, SRK is increasingly becoming trapped under his own king image at the cost of real content.

Kunal Kapoor comes as a computer geek who aids the don in his heist. He is convincing in his small role and the ladies Lara Dutta as don candy and Priyanka has nothing much to boast upon.  More pitiful is Bomman Irani who is clueless and lost with a side kick kind of role that never gives him an opportunity to come of his own.

Surprisingly for a SRK movie, the songs are just plain average and forgettable.

GingerChai verdict: Don 2 is your average bollywood action flick stylishly made with all the don-ism and SRK’s king-ism trademarks but fails short to its expectation. For a die hard SRK fan it has loads of elements to be happy and carries forward the Don brand king size. Yes you can watch it once, thankfully it is much better than Ra.One and of course you know what to expect from a Bollywood masala entertainer powered by a super star.

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