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Got a tea bag?
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Got a tea bag?

Great! Because I am about to tell you twenty ways you can use the tea bag. I believe if you can recycle something, you’re doing yourself a favor. So you could have literally knocked my skin-colored toe socks off when I read a longish list of fifty plus uses for tea bags.  I don’t want to flood you, so I am only presenting twenty ways. If you’re hungry for more, just ask!

Now, hang on to your seat belts and let’s go!

Teabags chip in as cleaning material and make a great addition to your first aid kit, as you’re about to see:  

  1. To clean musty or dirty carpets, sprinkle dry used green tea leaves on the carpet. Leave on for ten minutes and vacuum it.
  2. Polish wood furniture by dipping a soft cloth in a little black tea and wipe the tables, chairs and other wooden furniture.
  3. Tea bags are great for cleaning mirrors as they easily get rid of finger marks and other blemishes and make it shine
  4. Stains in the toilet? A tea bag can remove stains in the bottom of your potty. Leave the tea bag in for a few hours, brush and flush.
  5. If your hands are smelly after handling fish or other foods with strong smells, rinse your hands with tea
  6. Stinky fridge? Use a tea bag in the fridge, it absorbs odors.
  7. Got a cat?  Tea has the reputation for repelling fleas so sprinkle some dry tea leaves around your pet’s bed. How you’re going to keep your pet from eating the tea leaves I don’t know. Dry tea leaves also help deodorize pet litter boxes.
  8. Make an air-freshener with lavender or other flavored herbal tea in a bag under your seat to prevent odors.
  9. Potpourri is another cool use for tea. Got old tea bags not good enough to brew? No problem. Create a nice potpourri and enjoy the mild fragrance along with scented sachets.
  10. Soothe sunburns with a wet tea bag. Effective for minor burns also. Sunburn all over the body? Soak your body in a tea bath.
  11. Use warm wet tea bags to get rid of puffiness around the eyes and relieve tired eyes. The sight of tea bags on your eyes is also great for a good laugh.
  12. Got a boil?  Cover it with a wet tea bag and leave it on to help the boil drain out easily
  13. Apply tea bags on blisters and sores to remove the infection.
  14. Painful injection? Use a wet teabag on the injection site for relief.
  15. Brewed tea is a great hair conditioner- use the brewed black tea to rinse your hair. Leave it for a few minutes and rinse with water again. Tea is also a natural hair dye
  16. Acne? Wash face with green tea to reduce them.
  17. Of your feet are smelly, soak them in strong tea for about 15 minutes a day to reduce the foot odor.
  18. Burn tea leaves to repel mosquitoes.
  19. Add used tea leaves in potted plants – good as a fertilizer
  20. Great as a remedy for cold – with ginger 😉

So there! You have twenty ways to use that used tea bag!

Do you know other ways? Please share in the comments!

Vidya Sury  gets her tea as a Freelance Writer and Professional Blogger. She’s mom to a teenager who does not drink tea.

When she’s not working, getting a caffeine overload, listening to music, reading or spring cleaning, she blogs at Going A-Musing  Coffee With Mi! and Your Medical Guide

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