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Sony Tablets – The First Reaction
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Sony Tablets – The First Reaction

Count on Sony to innovate. So with the tablet market getting crowded with  iPad 2,  the undisputed king setting benchmark for Tablets and Samsung unleashing a series of tablets to steal the apple’s garden and then with the likes of Asus, Motorola and also a plethora of budget tablets popping up week after week, Sony took time to unleash it’s tablets and when it did, it has to have a “wow” factor and my first reaction confirms it.

On Dec 14th Sony unveiled 2 models in India Sony Tablet S (for rich media entertainment) and Sony Tablet P (for mobile communication entertainment)

Right from the form factor, Sony has to keep it different if it has get the eyeballs set upon them, the world to speak of them and to bring a unique factor to wean the customer’s attention from other tablets and especially in the heated and populated world of  Android tablets.

So what Sony serves us?

A wedge shaped tablet which is similar to a magazine that’s been folder over and;

A dual screen, foldable and ultra portable tablet

Impressive and bold attempt? Yes!

Sony Tablet S – The wedge!

So why wedge design? Well, Sony has its own explanation to it.

As per Sony, the ergonomic design provides a more natural angle for typing and browsing while sitting down.

And also Sony says, the design factor makes the tablet feel lighter on hand while reading or watching on the go since the design shifts the tablet’s weights to the palm.

Theoretically sounds good but I will have my final say only when I get a hands on review done. But one thing, visually it looks nice, I been quiet bored of all the flat designed tablets that are all over and this form factor comes refreshing!

And the screen display? well we got here a 9.4 inch LCD screen sporting Sony’s patented TruBlack™ panel

Sony Tablet P – Mr.Pocketable Dual Screen!

Acer tried dual screen tablet with its Iconia but failed to impress. While the whole android tablets irrespective of the brands becoming increasingly similar design in the flat world of tablet, Sony revives the dual screen tablet design with its Tablet P.

So what we got here is a dual  13.9cm (5.5″) touch screen displays sporting Sony’s patented TruBlack™ panel and  can be folded to achieve dimensions of just 3.1″ x 7″.0x 1″ inches (approx.)

So the dual screens can be either used together as one screen or can be used for two separate tasks, or used in tandem with one screen serving as the viewer and the other as the control mechanism say you can watch a movie/ game in one screen and use the other for control or open a browser or document in one screen and use the other as keyboard! Convenient isn’t it?!

 So what are Sony’s awesomeness bundled with the tablets?

Sony has a long tradition of innovation of technology to simplify and enriching our life. And in their tablet they have rolled out many of their innovation folded into one.

Let’s have a quick glimpse of the many Sony uniqueness that comes with their tablet.

Go Gaming! For all the playstation gaming freaks out there, there is a glad news. Sony tablets comes with a halo of being world’s first PlayStation™ certified Tablet. So now you can enjoy  playing bestselling games from the original PlayStation® like Crash Bandicoot and Pinball Heroes which are pre-installed on Sony Tablets. Plus there is always the opportunity to download games from the original PlayStation® titles online. And yes, then you get to play your regular diet of ever evolving Android games.

Share “Throw” your content easily This is fun and makes life easy or say lazy! If you have DLNA compatible TVs, Speakers, PCs. You can share your tablet contents to your other equipments just by a touch. Say, you want to listen music in your speaker, you just drag the song to the speaker icon or drag the movie to your TV or other media to your PC … Sounds fantastic right?!

Its a tablet and also your universal remote! Forget having to fiddle around with your multiple remotes and running around. Sony Tablet S is equipped with built-in infra-red Universal Remote feature that can help users operate a host of appliances and gadgets, across any brand, be it TV, Home Entertainment Systems or even air-conditioners and washing machines. One can now easily flip channels, adjust the volume of the entire entertainment system, or turn on/off gadgets.

India specific Apps:When in India, be an Indian. So Sony has tied up with Indian content and app developers to deliver India specific apps and have bundled it with the tablet and ofcourse having its own media channels helps it to a bigger extent. So you watch the latest episodes of Sony Entertainment Television and SABtv and also you got other regional apps to cater to video on demand, movies on demand, film news and tidbits and music streaming.

Memory cards: Sony Tablets supports USB(Micro A/B) interface and SD card slot.

And ya they come with front and rear camera, the rear camera sports a 5 MP camera.

The sticker price:

Tablet S : 3G & Wi-fi: Rs.33, 990/-  Wi-Fi: Rs 29,990/-

Tablet P: 3G & Wi-fi: Rs 36,990/-

And yes, these are just our first reaction look forward to our hands-on review shortly.



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