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Let’s get to know Each Other!
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Let’s get to know Each Other!

It’s the time of the year I send out postcards. I usually send out a bunch to friends, family, acquaintances made when my flight was delayed over 24 hrs, people who hosted me when I visited their country, people I’ve never met before apart from social networking, you name them, I’ve probably sent them a postcard. It’s my way of saying, “Hey glad we met!”

This time, however, I thought I’d send YOU a postcard.

After all you guys are the reason behind the increased number of readers, new highly enthusiastic authors and LR’s inspiration to constantly change the outlook of the site.

So here’s a Thank You gift to both the authors and the readers.

Private Message me your address on Twitter/Facebook/Email so that I can start writing your cards. If you fear that I may break into your house, yes it’s a valid fear. The chances are slim, but the possibility cannot be entirely eliminated. Hence the risk of divulging your residence is up to you.

Wait… It does not end here…

Once you receive my postcard, you can choose to send one back. One that will depict the place you live in. Say a postcard featuring the city or neighborhood you live in. On it, you will have to write a bit about your place, something you feel is unique to your city:

  • the people
  • the festivals in your community
  • something you witnessed
  • basically anything as long as you can fit it all into that space in your postcard. (Tricky heh!)

Don’t do any research! Google is no longer your friend!

Write about what your city/village is to you. In the form of a scene, a poem, a song, any medium you feel comfortable in.

Does that sound tedious to you? Will it help if I say chai is on me when I visit your city?

Before you start dreaming about your free drink, let me start on the last part.

Your postcard together with your words will be featured on this space. That’s right! You get your chance to write a post and the rest of us will get to learn about a new friend and his city. And I get to keep a postcard! J

Of course this can be easily done, by you submitting a post directly to GC. But the fun lies in you choosing the apt postcard and spending time to write/draw/get your 3 year old to scribble; in that tiny space a postcard has.

You can always choose not to send me back a postcard.

Just that you would have made me sad.

Real sad.

So sad I might just start singing “Why This Kolaveri Di”?

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