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The Incredible Banker by Ravi Subramanian
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The Incredible Banker by Ravi Subramanian

This is the fourth book of Ravi Subramanian and third in the banking series and trust me he doesn’t disappoint the readers. Yes, the story does sound familiar because of the banking background and one tends to search the similar names like Aditya, etc. and all which were common in his previous banking fictions If God was a Banker & Devil in Pinstripes . However, the similarity and familiarity is limited to the extent that the backdrop is nothing but the Bank Setup as usual.

There is an Indian branch of the foreign bank which is known as Greater Boston Global Bank (GB2) and Ronald McCain is the CEO of the bank who has been sent to set the things right in the bank considering that the Indian employees have a laid back attitude. One fine day, he is called by RBI Governor and things go in tizzy for him or rather for the bank and it is on him now to set the things right and respond to the RBI. With all the eyes of media and CBI on GB2, will Ronald be able to deliver is a question.

The story begins with a bomb blast and readers’ will not realize the connection of this bomb blast until the end of the story. This bomb blast is the connecting key to the twist in the story. Like in his earlier novels, in this book as well, Ravi brings out a different nature of the fraud which can happen in the bank. It is clearly visible from the plot that he uses his experience in the banking industry to the maximum. Book is divided into various chapters and it helps readers’ to switch on between past and present and the thread in the story doesn’t break.

Deepak is a high end executive in the bank and so is Karan who is his arch rival. Due to circumstances created by Deepak, Karan resigns from the bank and becomes a financial journalist. Deepak though happily married, gets into relationship with Savitha in bank who is widow and a single mother. How she uses Deepak to achieve her motive is really surprising! Deepak heads the credit card business and this time the fraud entails around credit card business. It is really amazing to read through the book and specially the end chapters where one starts realizing the big picture as to how money gets floated around from one account to other and how difficult it may actually be figure out the fictitious transactions and specifically the ones which are actually designed to cover the tracks. A special character is worth mentioning who doesn’t appear to be so important until the story ends is the “basketball coach” of Deepak.

One fine day, CBI lands up at Deepak’s home and he is taken into custody for his Naxalite connection and the entire nation undergoes a shock and so does the Bank. What happens next? How does Karan and his newspaper team is able to unearth the credit card fraud? Is Deepak actually a Naxalite or does he has such connection? Who is that Basketball coach? How is connected to the plot? Will Karan be able to help Deepak in spite of the fact that Deepak didn’t do any good to him in past? All this and more….finally what happens? Intriguing, isn’t it?

The Incredible Banker is more than a bank fraud, this time the story has a different twist which actually comes as a surprise and may be initially the book appears to be a routine, but I suggest to hold on and to keep reading. It is about work, love, hate, dedication and mean motives and hidden agendas. It may not come across with the freshness we felt in “If God was a Banker”; however, it is worth a read and makes a good time pass and together with the earlier two books makes a good banking triology.

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