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Desi Boyz – review
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Desi Boyz – review

Ok so it’s an Akki movie and a comedy movie and you know to expect the expected.  To add to it, knowing John Abraham’s acting skills you might be alarmed at the prospects of him doing comic acts with the king of nonsensical comic timing, Akshay kumar. And then you have debutant director, Rohit Dhawan, whose dad David Dhawan almost fine tuned the art of nonsensical comedies.  And they all come together for Desi Boyz which is yet another very predictable script but still watchable atleast once, if you still brave it to the screen halls.

Economic recession-jobless heroes-two friend-one MBA-another under performer-an orphaned kid-a demanding girl friend plus if you have seen the promos of the movie by now you can guess what the story would be (or lack of it)

Two things manage to whip a trace of freshness to the movie. One, the on-screen combination of Akshay Kumar and John Abraham and second, Rohit Dhawan.  Inspite of the dud movies he keeps doing, no one can deny Akshay’s the comic timing and talent, it’ just that he manages to successfully pick dud scripts and less said about John’s acting prowess but in Desi Boyz they manage to sparkle together in bits and parts lighten up the moments.  And for Rohit Dhawan credit should go to package a insipid story into a tolerable with his slick direction.

Chitrangada’s first attempt at a mainstream movie is more of an awkward showcase. She comes as a “sexy and powerful” “hotness” economics professor who bumps into her once upon a time classmate who is now her student and entices (or seduces) him to excel in studies and ya, falls in love too coz she had crush over him during their study days! How imaginative! And then we have the other show case lead lady Deepika Padukone whose only ambition in life is to have a Versace gown, exotic honeymoon and a dream house and  who upon knowing her boyfriend’s professional truths leaves him only to get heads on heels over him coz of the sentimental explanation he has to offer. (Where are such filmy ladies easy-to-fall-in-love and easy-to-pacify in real life?!)

The songs of Desi Boyz are already topping the charts and they are a slight relief on-screen too to watch.

So finally is the movie worth a watch? Well, if you are bored to death and you have to watch some movies compulsorily, you can watch it once provided you expect the expected, and then you might even like it a bit.

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  1. Sanjay from mumbai

    I want my money back ,if you don’t believe see the below links for reviews Foreign audience are blaming Bollywood, why do they make such a crap movie because of these desi boyz Review of the people who saw the Desi Boyz in America , the people who saw it in america (new jersey), see the reactions of the it people who saw it in america was.
    released on 2 days earlier due to thanksgiving , Its a trash movie , they were blaming , and asking that Bollywood should prohibited from making the movies. I has got only 1 star by mos of the unbiased reviews , see the reviews , Watch if you want to sleep in theater and have lot of money to waste see below reviews –.

    alert people before wasting their money.

  2. zephyr

    The last line says it all, at least for me and the L&M. We will remember it when we are really desperate for some popcorn and some nonsense 😀

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