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Who’s calling?
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Who’s calling?

Ring Ring…..the phone rings forever in my house on a Friday. Everyone hates to answer the phone….all except the five year old and the one year old. It is their life’s mission to answer that phone before the 2nd ring.

Breathless from running a race of 10 yards with her older sibling, the one year old lungs for the phone, In a photo finish, the five yr old jumps over the huge sofa; leaps over her surprised grandfather and fall on to the adjoining sofa with the phone just dangling on her chocolate sticky fingers. With a triumphant smile, the five year old winner gets to say ‘Hello’ while her sister, the loser, was wailing for an overturn of verdict. Clearly to a  one year old, all problems are solved by wailing. We (the adults) ignored both of them. A race is a race and Jo Jeetha Wahi Sikkander! (Winner is the King).

“Hello…” the phone said.

“Hellooooooo” the winner replied.

“Hello?!!” said the phone again.


”Can you hear me?”

“Can you …hear me?!”



“Who’s this?”

“Who’s this?”

“Is this the XYZ house?”

“Who’s asking?”

Everyone stopped to their tracks….was it an important call?

“Can you hear me?” the phone asked, “Am the new…”.

“Eh, Why? Can’t you hear me?!!” asked the puzzled winner.

We had filed a complaint for the phone. Was it the telecom office calling to check?


“Is the number of this phone …….?”

“Eh…” the winner looked around and responded, “No! It is .1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9…”

“Are you joking?!!” the phone sounded irritated.

“Nooooo….it is written here.. in this button 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ”

Why was she reciting the numbers in that order? Were they testing sound quality?

The one year old decided her sister had too much talk time. In a classic squirrel style, she sat down on her hunches close to her unsuspecting sister and leapt for the phone at the blink of an eye. Her poor grandfather was so unsettled with the resulting scream that he fell off his couch and broke the outrageously priced plant pot that was just purchased the previous day by his wife claiming that the price tag reflected durability. The more pricy it was, the more durable it would be. Well, there goes that theory!

The squirrel ran off with her prize while the rest of us crowded to console the ex- winner. The new winner decided to try her language skills on the phone. She hid in an unreachable corner behind a sofa and began her conversation with the exciting phone.

”Can you hear me? Hello! Hello?” the phone asked anxiously.

“Heehe heee… he he he….” the winner laughed and replied

“Who is THIS?” asked the phone, now amused.

“Who THIS?”

“Just poor old me”

“Meeeeeeeee toooo” was the reply.

“ who?”


“Ok, MEME. I would like to come to for a house visit”


The little imp could be heard but not seen. Where was she? What was the WHY for? What was the technician asking?

“To see you” the tired voice on the phone replied.

“He he heee…Play Hide and See…” The giggle continued.

“I give up…” said the voice to someone in the background.

“I win! You no see! ”

I spotted her tiny feet. “Come out!” I barked.

“Hello…Can you hear me? ” asked the phone for the last time, thinking I was on it.

“Noooo….me hear…me talk…you talk!” the little one continued.

“Lord have mercy!  Hand the phone to your mummy or …daddy…, please” the phone begged.

At this point, I got a hold of a tiny leg and pulled the troublemaker out. The defeated winner got tired of her prize conversation and handed the phone over to me.

” Hi, Who’s calling? Is this the telecom? “I asked as I held the phone.

“No, just a confused man” said the phone before the line got cut.

I learned later that it was our new Priest who called from church to introduce himself. After the first call, he decided to meet the church members in person as he felt that the phone did no justice to the patience tested caller! We had a good laugh when we met him in person and explained.

As to what happened when he visited….Dear Lord! that is a whole new story!…

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Born and brought up in Abu Dhabi and roots in India, Anney has a streak of funny genes that could make you forget day’s tension. She has reinvented her writing passion and is here to delight us with her flavour.

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  1. Swarna

    Tring Tring kids makes us forget everything. should I say your writings too? let me read your other articles now.

  2. zephyr

    That was brilliant and had me laughing all the way. The poor priest! Had it been anyone else he would have cut the call and sighed in relief 🙂

  3. Bob Baga

    Maza aa gaya Anneji, I remember the earliest memories that I have are all of picking up the phone first & asking which colour or finish do you want ( my Uncle had a powder coating buisness}. I love to read such stories & have a huge collection in my home of Amar chitra Katha & Tinkle but reading such stories on ginger chai is a different game altogether. The best thing is they are not too long so as one loses interest fast in these days.

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