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Who is the boss now?
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Who is the boss now?

“Why does that hanging say that?” a little voice asked.

“What does it say?” the elderly voice asked.

 “I am the boss of this house…I have my wife’s permission to say so….”

“That is just a pretty saying. Grandpa is always the boss of this house. I don’t need anyone’s permission to say so. Now, listen to the Boss and give him the remote..”

” Noooo”

“Why not?”

“Cartoon time”

“Forget cartoon. Watch the news…it will make you wise”

“Nooooooo, my remote!”

“It’s mine, I paid for it!”

“No, its mine”

” I  will return it….”

“Noooooo, it’s my time

“Ok, look…I promise, you will get it back in 10 mins!”

” Nooooooo.”

“Remember the last time”


“It’s dinner time” he coaxed, “Go eat it while it is hot. Grandma will get cross with you.”

“Noooo….” And the jumping starts.

“Stop jumping up the sofa!”


“What do you want in exchange for it?” the resigned voice resorted to bargain.

Jump…Jump….” A box of new colour pencils…” said a confident reply.

“What! Your mother is going to kill me!”

Jump …Jump….

“Hey! NO JUMPING! Am the boss of the house!”

Jumping upgraded to running and jumping.

“Stop jumping!!!!!! ….you do as I say!! “clearly the jumping was weakening the resolve of the Boss of the House.

Run…Jump…Run …Jump….

“Ok! How about you give me the remote and I will take you out to the new garden your mom was talking about?”

Running slowed….tiny thinking wheels turn in the head as jumping continues.

“It’s got all these bumper cars and roller coasters…..” the voice tempted

“Mmmmmm…..” a vision of fast car rides visualize in that tiny head.

The voice lungs for the remote” Agggggggggg”

A Jump sounds higher and further “Eeeeeeee….oooooo”

A huge thud follows.

“Give me the remote!”


“You little imp, she is my wife, she will only obey me…. let me call her…….”

“Grandma is the boss of this house!”

“Says WHO?!”

“Says ME”

“Am the boss here. Am the oldest person in the house.”

“No, me boss! I am … youngest person”

”Am the boss”

“I am the boss”

“Hey! What’s this fuss about? Both of you! Go and have your dinner! I am the Boss here! It’s time for my serial…Choti Bahu.”

“But what about my Zee News, honey?”

“And my cartoon, grandma?!”

“Nothing doing! Now scoot !”

Everyone hated cold food. It was time to listen to the boss.

“Well, kiddo…” says the grandfather “I think that notice on the wall is correct”

“Grown up people are so strange. Why does he need Grandma’s permission to be the Boss?!!!” the kid pondered as she sat down for her hot meal.


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