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Pasi Paruppu Payasam (Moong dal Kheer) – recipe
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Pasi Paruppu Payasam (Moong dal Kheer) – recipe

Payasam (பாயசம்) is the tamil word for Kheer and no traditional celebration/festive food is complete without one of the many varieties of Payasam. One of the very popular payasam recipe is Pasi Paruppu payasam. Pasi paruppu is the Tamil word for moong dal. Let’s see visual recipe of this delicious kheer.


Pasi paruppu / Moong dal (split and without cover) – 200 gm

Jaggerry – 300 gm (as per taste)

Coconut milk – 300 ml

Cashew nut – 25gm

Khishmish – 10gm


Step 1: Keep ready shredded jaggery, coconut milk and golden fried cashew nut and khishmish.

Step 2: Slightly roast moong dal (pasai paruppu) in a pan.

Step 3: Add a half table spoon of oil or ghee and roast it for few minutes. This avoids  sabudana from getting t sticky and get dissolved while cooking.

Step 4: Pressure cook moong dal and sabudana along with 3 cups of water. Wait till one whistle and keep it in low flame for 5-7 minutes.

Step 5: Once cooked it, open the cooker lid.

Step 6: Add jaggery and coconut milk now and stir well.

Step 7:  Cook it in low flame with lid open… Taste it and if needed, you can add little more jaggery. Optionally, you can add few elaichi too.

Delicious traditional pasi paruppy payasam is ready to be served…

Enjoy !

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