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11 Eleven Project – Capturing Humanity
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11 Eleven Project – Capturing Humanity

Can the entire world agree on any one thing on any one specific day?

Will the world be able to put itself together with the rest of the world just to prove a point? Unity.

1 Day. 1 Chance. 1 World.

Identified as the “biggest creative project of our human history”, the 11Eleven Project aims to bring people from all over the wall onto one massive platform.

Lifted directly from,

“people from 196 different countries, brought together by over 200 languages, will be asked to capture a day in the life of their world”.

Talk about uniting the people of the world. There we have it.

The highlight of this interesting project is that, the material showcased by all these varied individuals will be put together and used for various mediums, including a 2 hr documentary, photography collection and other 11 Eleven Project initiatives.

Thus you can be sure your participation will be a definite ingredient in the making of several ambitious projects around the world.

The team based in Sydney, Australia came up with this project in the effort with a very clear objective,

“…to plant a seed of compassion, to allow all people to gain a perspective of our world as a whole.”

The 11 Eleven project is, in their words,

“…a time capsule, a human shot of life in the 21st Century – a unique global perspective told by the people, for the people”.

To learn more about this this global project, (which I THINK IS AMAZING) I managed to get into contact with Danielle Lauren, the Creative Head of 11Eleven Project, from Sydney, Australia. She conceived the idea, some 10 years back and now it’s spreading across the globe bringing people from all corners with a shared vision.

A little about Danielle: Coming from media background having produced several projects for a multitude of Australian broadcasters, she is also an active participant in the not-for-profit sectors.  She has raised funds for the Nelson Mandela Foundation, New South Whales Rape Crisis Centre, AIDS council… to name a few. At the end of the day,

“Danielle Lauren wants to use her skills and passion to contribute to the advancement of a positive global change and a better future for all.” (

And we learn how….

Tell us about 11 Eleven Project. The inspiration behind it. How did the idea subsequently develop?

The 11Eleven Project was born in cinema in West Australia in 2000, when I was sitting with a friend of mine and we were watching two films back to back Kowanasquatsi and Powanasquatsi…. They’re very meditative films and quite provocative…. Similar to Baraka you’re confronted with some harsh imagery and a soundtrack that allows your mind to get lost.

Whilst sitting in the dark, I started thinking about life on earth, and what was happening around the world at the same time I was in the cinema – and if we were all living very separate or connected lives… With my mind buzzing, I escaped the cinema, went to the foyer, grabbed a piece of scrap paper and started writing this memorandum basically entitled “A day in the life of the world” a look at life on Earth told by the people of earth….

Of course the technology didn’t exist at the time so it’s taken 11 years to come to life and now that’s its here I feel very grateful to be watching a vision become a reality.

The team behind the scenes. How did you guys come together to share a similar vision?

I am the luckiest person in the world, because I work with the most extraordinary team of people. Everyone who works on the project is doing so as a volunteer and so you have a group of people driven by passion – which is a very powerful force.

Different people came to the 11Eleven Project in different ways – some found us on websites like, others on Facebook, blogs or even by reading about us through our Partners Global Voices… I guess the right people come to you and find you in whichever way they’re meant to. I’m a bit fatalistic because I believe everything happens as it should and I honestly I have been blessed, you could not ask for better people to work with.

The objective behind the project?

The 11Eleven Project aims to achieve so much but if I were to summarize it would be:

1.    Empower individuals to recognize their stories and perspectives.
2.    To prove that we all play a role in creating the world we live in.
3.    To explore what unites and divides us as human beings.
4.    Discover what life is like on planet earth.
5.    To raise money and awareness for our charity partners.

What do you guys aim to achieve with this project?

Compassion is difficult to measure….Ideally I would like to say that after people participate and view the works created by the 11Eleven Project that we will all understand one another a bit better – that’s what I’m hoping for… the only thing is how do you measure something so complex?

I really just want to break down the boundaries which seem to separate us all…. As time goes by, I feel the divide between us is getting greater – we don’t acknowledge our fellow human beings and somehow we’re becoming more fearful of one another. We speak about environmental sustainability, but what about social environmental sustainability – that’s what I’m interested in contributing to.

What I love about the 11Eleven Project is not only are we documenting what’s going on 11/11/11 we’re also offering practical financial support to organizations that are dedicated to creating a better world for all people.

Our charity partners are the World Wildlife Fund, the Hunger Project, Hamlin Fistula, Save the Children, Opportunity International and Global Voices. They all contribute in the most magnificent way to making the world better for all people.

How can people contribute?

It’s so simple on the 11th November from midnight to midnight – you have 24 hours to capture your life or the lives of those around you by recording using film, photography, music, sound and text. If you’re not sure what to record, we’ve given you guidelines – 11 Topics to inspire you. They are love, faith, routine, water, heartbreak, beauty, darkness, play, make a wish courage and beauty.

These are completely open to interpretation….and should spark new ideas not hinder you. After 11/11/11 you have 3 steps you need to complete so that we can get your material.

Firstly upload it to any media website – Flickr, Youtube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Youku .

Secondly tag it – 11ElevenLive. It’s really important to tag your work properly.

Last step  – go to  and click on submit – fill in the submission form and voila, you’re part of the 11Eleven Project.

 How can we help to spread the word? Tell us more about being an ambassador. 

This project doesn’t belong to me or the team – it belongs to you and the world. YOU are the ones that will make this a success – we can try our best to tell as many people as possible about it, but really it’s YOU who can communicate to your community better than us…. So we’ve made an Ambassador project, which encourages people on the ground in different countries to be our spokesperson.

You don’t have to be a professional you just need to be someone with drive, ambition and passion – that’s what we look for…. If you want your community to get involved, we strongly recommend you become an ambassador as you can be the person who will ensure the stories from your region get told.

If you’d like to take on such a role, send your interest, skills and reasons for wanting to be an Ambassador to me – my email is 

Anything I might have missed and you’re dying to share? 😀

Follow us on FaceBook, Twitterand read our latest blogs.  Also remember our hashtag for the day is #11ElevenLIVE so if you’re going to Tweet make sure you use that….

Lastly, I think the fact that you’re using your skills as a storyteller is a very powerful thing. Never forget how an image, sound, film, music or words can change the world. I know how powerful you are and I sincerely admire and respect you decision to use your time and energy to contribute to our 11Eleven Project. From the bottom of my heart – a sincere thank you!

So do you have a perspective to share?

Cos all you have to do is click REC on 11.11.11on your available device to capture your vision and be part of the 11 Eleven Project.

You can write a song about it, make a film, blog it, or simply photograph the moment. Register your participation and you can be off to create history.

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