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Ra.One – review
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Ra.One – review

In his promotional campaigns SRK mentioned “I’m a superhero with heart” but unfortunately G.One, the super hero character SRK plays does not have an emotional connect. It is plain digital in action with no room for emotions.  It sums up the movie too.

Almost all the comic book superheroes characters that have fired our imagination have an emotional connect with a degree of emotional weakness or past harping on them like Superman has his past in Krypton weighing on him, Spiderman has his uncle’s demise troubling him, closer home, Rajini’s chitti, the robot develops its emotional quotient making it very endearing to audience.  The trouble with G.One is it lacks emotional quotient, for him all is purely logical and as per programmed code.  This in itself would have worked marvellous had Anubhav Sinha, the director had used the character and story knot that promises a wide scope for imagination and possibilities did not turn it into a very predictable, stereotype film that borrows traces form Ironman, Tron,  Terminator and our own Robot.  May be the release of Robot complicated the process having set a benchmark for Indian superhero sci-fi movies. So influence of Chitti is visible here and there.  We have a similar train sequence that we had in Robot, though the gravity defying run/walk on train might be positionally different.  Also haven’t we seen a better and mind-blowing train stopping scene in Spiderman 2 ?

While in Tron, we have the characters entering the virtual world, in we have the virtual characters stepping out to reality. By now you might be aware of the story. Sekhar Subramaniam, a very stereotypical over-exaggerated Tamilian geek is considered super uncool by his uber cool computer gaming freak son, who feels villains are super cool. So Sekhar goes on to created a computer game where the villain is almost invincible. But problem arises when the villain, Ra.One steps out of the virtual world and plays havoc in the life of Shekar and his family.

I fail to understand the need for so stereotypical characters when you are projecting a movie that would take Indian movies to “the next level”.  So a geek has to be ridiculously awkward (the geek even eats noodles mixed with curd and slurps his hand, Tamilans can’t live without their dollops of curd you see, even if rice is substituted by noodles)  No doubt there are moments where SRK is endearing as the geek but the scenes are far less.  Kareena comes and goes as a beautiful mom. While, the notable performance is from Armaan who plays Prateek, kid of SRK.  Arjun Rampal makes you want to see him more, though the face-off between the super heroes are far less and himself has a less screen time.  Ofcourse he gets to speak what could be the most memorable line of the movie “Tum har saal Ra.One ko isley jalathey ho .. tum jantey ho woh kabhi nahi marta

Yes, lots of work has gone into the movie, the movie is technically better than any other Bollywood movie, got some brilliant scores by Vishal Shekar and few more brownie points but all is lost in a poorly executed script that fails to unlock the true potential of the characters and fails to take the imagination to “the next level” that makes a superhero movie truly fab.  Also to add, it starts with a  silly opening sequence involving Sanjay Dutt as Khalnayak and Priyanka as Desi girl who plays some game characters.   Super star, Rajini makes a cameo appearance in his super hero role Chitti but the script again fails to unlock the two superstar’s appeal on screen.

GingerChai  verdict: Ra.One  high on hype but fails to deliver the super hero punch.  Go without any mega expectations, you might be pleased if not highly excited. Kids might love it, though.

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  1. Tanishka

    Plan for Ra.One is cancelled and now I’m just hoping that Rockstar is good, even if its not the movie will be worth a try for its songs…. 🙂

  2. Rahul

    cinemas were packed, people waiting outside for the next show, everyone waiting to see Has it lived up to people expectations, yes. It was wonderful movie as it had everything. well done to srk and team.

    most people who are making negative comments, have you seen the movie? no, because you need money to do that, which you don’t have. What have you guys done with your life that you can boast? what? all you do is criticize, everyone and everything. get a life man. do something with your life.

  3. Sandeep

    Its a good movie. The package is entertaining. The graphics and effects are awesome and never before seen finesse in tech aspects in any movie of Bollywood. SRK has done well, Bebo looks stunning and the others have done well too. If anyone feels otherwise, they may pl try and make a better effort. Friends and family loved it. All the best to SRK and family.

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