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Revolution 2020 by Chetan bhagat review
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Revolution 2020 by Chetan bhagat review

Chetan Bhagat – the name inspires the readers (I thought so until this one). Many followed their writing dreams after reading him and he opened the Indian literary world to the masses. He was a revolution himself when he wrote Five Point Someone, One Night @ the Call Center, The 3 Mistakes of My Life and 2 States!

The Revolution went haywire somehow midway with the Revolution 2020!

The story is set in one of the pious cities of India – Varanasi or Banaras. It is a story about 3 friends – Gopal, Raghav and Aarti.

It begins with Gopal crashing down after some pegs of drink and our writer friend is left with no other option but to take him hospital, because he won’t get up on his own (!!)  and thus begins the story as a flashback.

Gopal – he is the director of the Ganga Tech College, too young to be a director and only a graduate!!

Raghav – Gopal’s school friend

Aarti – Gopal’s school friend and love interest of both Gopal & Raghav

First chapter gives an impression the book would be a sweet story of 3 buddies. The first scene is set in the school when Gopal & Raghav are stealing lunch boxes during the assembly time and the first victim is our lady “Aarti” and thus begins the everlasting friendship of these 3. The book has been divided into various sections.

Gopal comes from a middle class family whose father is a teacher and the family doesn’t have much income as such. His mother had passed away when he was 4 years old. His father wants him to be an engineer. After all, engineers earn decent money. Whether Gopal manages to become engineer or not is another story altogether?

All 3 grow up together with their own dreams and share of problems.

Both Raghav and Gopal appear together for AIEEE & JEE for engineering and Raghav clears his exams whereas Gopal could not make to any of the engineering colleges. After mulling over all options, he decides to appear again for the exams and goes all the way to Kota for coaching classes leaving his ailing father alone and his love interest.

As it is suppose to happen, Gopal being away for a long time, these gives an opportunity to Raghav and Aarti being together and seal their relationship. When Gopal gets to know, he is devastated and again as it generally happens, his grades fall (well, typical Bollywood style) and then again he starts all over again from scratch. Coaching over, he is back in town; results fail him again. His father also passes away one fine day leaving him in debt from top to bottom. Lonely and devastated, he decides to attend a local college on the advice of one of the friends from coaching classes, and here he meets Sunil. This is the turning point of the story. Sunil takes him to local MLA – Shukla. Thus, begins the story of Gopal as the Director of Ganga Tech College in Varanasi. This portion if full of political drama, agricultural land being converted into college, bribery at all level and we name it, we have it. Along with this, we have Raghav, who is not interested in joining a MNC after completing his engineering but wants to be a journalist and wants to bring the revolution in India. He wants to change the scenario of the country. Then, there is Aarti who wants to be an air hostess but becomes a front desk officer at one of the reputed hotels in Varanasi.

Amidst all this, Raghav doesn’t have time for Aarti and fate again brings Gopal and Aarti together.  What happens next? Whom does Aarti finally marry? What happens to Raghav? Does he become a hot shot journalist? What happens to Gopal as a Director? What happens to his college? All these questions and many more; to find out the answers one needs to read the book.

However, this is not one of the best works of Chetan Bhagat. Period.  As a reader, I felt the story is boring, it is a typical stuff which each one of knows and I believe has seen many a times in our Bollywood movies or even T.V Serials. I guess that we have so much of overdose of corruption and bribery in our country that reading it in a novel does not excite anyone.  The story actually drags. There are no twists and turns, it is just so very predictable. After “2 States”, the expectation was more but some where the book fails to meet that expectation. I have read all the books of Chetan Bhagat, and I must admit for an otherwise quick reader, this one took me so much time to finish it and it was a sheer disappointment. I am still confused, as to why it is named as Revolution 2020? May be the newspaper columns he writes these days have influenced the writer in CB and he ended up loosing his original flavor.

I suggest, please read the book without any expectation, you may actually like it then.

My verdict – As a reader I expected a lot more! And as a writer, Mr.Bhagat could have done a better job or at least tried doing so.


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  1. Ananya Anand

    awesome story…chetan sir please tell me is it a real story? one week has been passed reading dis novel bt still character of gopal and arti are revolving in my mind..ending of dis novel is nt good….i wish that if I could meet with gopal and arti…

    1. sujata pokharel

      man……this story truely rocks…. really wanna know what happens after aarti gets married…. do Gopal n Aarti meet again…. it really felt like a true story… really wanna know what happens next,….. Chetan sir you should really continue this story…plz don’t leave it in the middle of no where…the whole world wants 2 know what happens next..u should probably cum up wid “REVOLUTION 2020 Part2″…….

  2. anusha

    it was awesome story tht left me behind doubts i started searching for GANGA TECH collage in google wish i could meet all this three characters…

  3. Ananya Anand

    awesome story..chetan sir please tell me is it really story? one week has been passed reading dis novel bt still character of of gopal and arti are revolving in my mind…ending of dis novel is not good…i wish that if I could meet with gopal nd arti..

  4. Dinesh Negi

    Chetan Bhagat rocks!! Great Story…Gopal, Raghav and Aarti: Awesome characters.

    But i am really eager to know whether is a true story or not???

  5. Madhav

    Hello Chetan Ji,

    First of all, I would like to congratulate for this book R2020 which really awesome and i was sleepless for two days after i read the book because the characters are still revolving in my mind. I’m not sure whether they are true characters. Are they?

    Love, Corruption & Ambition: Always good over takes bad. unforgettable characters are Gopal & Aarthi.

    R2020 has cracked my heart!!!

    Madhav 🙂

  6. vipul sarda

    what a story wass.i really hv no words to discribe .. i really read dis first novel in my life…n chetan bhagat made dis ma habit…wen i started dis novel .. i really just lost in it n while readin olways used tu think myslf as gopal because ma lyf is a litl bit tht kind of.. evry day dis novel is new exitement for me…. if dis is a true story den i really would lyk tu meet three guys n will try tu do patch of gopal n aarti n wil help raghv for his revolution…..thank u chetan sir////////////

  7. Kashish Arnaaz Shah

    a sad ending story which is not nice chetan sir. Gopal can hold aarti hand and can do revolution. Gopal is stupid. I felt very bad for aarti when her heart broke. This is the first time I read novel in two days. But now also that gopal character is in my mind. I wish it should not be a true story. But very nicely your story made me to imagine the character live as in movies.I became fan of u. You are excellent.

  8. digvijay singh

    awesome story! gopal is a real hero as he gifted his heart to raghav after making it his own.That’s what great people do. give the thing to people who can make difference by it. i’m sure that raghav would have made a great difference by becoming a MLA as he married aarti!
    I can’t stop calling gopal as GOPAL SIR!

  9. rishabh

    yeah very true its a heart-touching story.Gopal has the real heroism.if the real story is what chetan bhagat has depicted then i must hats off to Gopal.he has now become the youth icon.This story is really too words to appreciate it:)

  10. sneha

    sir,congrats for your revolution 2020.. this is one of your best creation…. its really a heart touching story.. it brought down tears from my eyes.. its true Gopal loves Aarti much more than Raghav.. but sacrifice is the real love.. and thats why Gopal is the real hero of this book.but i have a question that is these characters real?? im am very eager to know abut the present stste of Gopal Mishra…

    1. soniya

      really touched with the story just wanna know is the story real, are the characters real very much eager to know that plzzzzzz

  11. Alka Thakur

    Gopal is a real hero………..Its a heart touching story………want to meet Gopal.Thanx Chetan………

  12. Vikas Pratap Singh

    Chentan sir I also wants to align me with ANANYA ANAN completely, as really the characters GOPAL & AARTI are still revolving in mind.

  13. sanjaya das

    thank u alot chetan sir for this story. really it was awesome. gopAL is a real hero and the end of the story is really sad…

  14. ashish

    ending disturbed me, even though this is fiction but..

    still all the character running all over my mind…
    feeling so poor for GOPAL even i m feeling low after reading

    Too touchy.

  15. poorni

    Its really a great and touching story i ever heard………. i really feel for gopal a lot n lot what a man he is?? i want to see gopal

  16. Ankur singh

    ending was so emotional,,even i have my tears out ….at last………… so heart touchy story…… i salute u gopal mishra…..

  17. Sneha Prabhakar

    I like all novels of Chetan Bhagat. He wrote outstanding. His way of writing for his novel is make his writing famous. He is having a great mind for write perfectly. I love ur novel pathetically. I like and respect to read ur novels again and again.

  18. brinder manhas

    i like this heart touching story.i have tears in my eye when i read this story. i want this kind of situation in my life in my life and face them like Mishra.i want to meet Gopal.

  19. shaista khan

    awsum writting skill chetan sir…
    N luved da character of gopal,hope i could ever get a person lyk him…hats of 2 both of u..

  20. Priyanka

    i really like the story…its very touchy n chetan bhagat is very good….i like his writing skills n dis novel is also the good one…nd yes the character gopal..i really wanna meet him..i feel bad for him..nd the story disturbs my mind a lot…

  21. Anju

    there is admiration and appreciation for gopal.. and it was chetan bhagat’s writing that made this impact .. great going …

  22. anurup singh

    i am really touched by the sacrifice made by gopal for arti ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i like to meet all three gopal . arti, and raghav…………………….

  23. Vikyath

    Awesome book sir.. I’m disturbed after reading the end part.. I wanted to know whether it’s an fiction or real story…

  24. abhas

    great story by chetan bhagat but d end was sad. gopal should get his true love aarti fr which he had done so much efforts to get her……felt bad fr gopal…..:'((

  25. Chintan Naik

    One thing to learn from this is that GIRLS always go out for money!
    When Raghav had a big time Aarti was with him…and when he broke she left him!

  26. Shruti Gupta

    hello Mr. Chetan!!!!…
    first I want to congratulate for the superb novel….
    in all your novels, I love Revolution 2020 most. After reading ur novel, I didn’t live properly becoz I want to meet Mr. Gopal Mishra….
    I have got tears in my eyes when I read Aarti slaps Gopal, n go away…. I have a love story of mine too, so I can understand the pain of sacrifice for ur love n I didn’t sleep peacefully becoz of the NOVEL. The 2 characters Gopal n Aarti n ofcourse the beauty of VARANASI are still in my mind. There r some questions in my mind to ask…… PLS tell me the story is real or not??????…. really need the answer….

    Thank u…….

  27. Shruti Gupta

    i want to know that is Gopal is still unmarried???????……..
    wats the impact of this novel on Raghav’s mind, n did Aarti got understand why he did dat to Aarti????????…………

  28. Vinay

    really anxieted to know whether its a real story….!!!’??? its unbelievable to think of a people like mr.gopal mishra.. how could he sacrifice all his life … what for..? how aarti and raghav felt after reading this book if its a real story.. NO WORDS TO GIVE ABOUT GOPAL SIR.He s really a LEGEND.

  29. Midhul Manmadhan

    Revolution 2020………its an awsome story..i don't know if u all will belive…but its the first time in my life tht I read a novel, and so surprised tht I started at morng and finished it in the same day..made me feel my real life at many instances..out of the 296 page many of the page wer actualy my own story I felt……thnks chetan sir… but the climax could have been in a different way..

  30. yusuf

    dear chetan,
    it was gr8 reading ‘Revolution 2020’.
    Like all i also searched gangatech on web.
    I personally wanted gopal to marry aarti,atleast he deserved something good in life after so much hardships n failures.

  31. sweety

    Chetan ji u wrote OSM story but y GOPAL didn’t tell truth to AARTI……..
    when he was not wrong den y don he safe his love…..
    is dis a true story…
    i cried when she splat him without knowing d truth………….:( 🙁

  32. Prachets Upadhyay

    while reading the story it seemed to me its a real one though its not if it was i would have defenitely met ‘GOPAL MISHRA’ and ‘AARTI’ the story is so real tht it made me cry at few moments and it made me feel tht i was gopal looking fr my girl aarti fighting this world it made me understand the real meaning of ‘LOVE’ i’ll also wanna be like ‘GOPAL MISHRA’ and LOVE my ‘AARTI’ alot alot but i would definetly marry her and would ‘LOVE HER ALOT ALOT MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD’ sir u r a awesome man and a storywriter:)!!!

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