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Revolution 2020 by Chetan bhagat review
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Revolution 2020 by Chetan bhagat review

Chetan Bhagat – the name inspires the readers (I thought so until this one). Many followed their writing dreams after reading him and he opened the Indian literary world to the masses. He was a revolution himself when he wrote Five Point Someone, One Night @ the Call Center, The 3 Mistakes of My Life and 2 States!

The Revolution went haywire somehow midway with the Revolution 2020!

The story is set in one of the pious cities of India – Varanasi or Banaras. It is a story about 3 friends – Gopal, Raghav and Aarti.

It begins with Gopal crashing down after some pegs of drink and our writer friend is left with no other option but to take him hospital, because he won’t get up on his own (!!)  and thus begins the story as a flashback.

Gopal – he is the director of the Ganga Tech College, too young to be a director and only a graduate!!

Raghav – Gopal’s school friend

Aarti – Gopal’s school friend and love interest of both Gopal & Raghav

First chapter gives an impression the book would be a sweet story of 3 buddies. The first scene is set in the school when Gopal & Raghav are stealing lunch boxes during the assembly time and the first victim is our lady “Aarti” and thus begins the everlasting friendship of these 3. The book has been divided into various sections.

Gopal comes from a middle class family whose father is a teacher and the family doesn’t have much income as such. His mother had passed away when he was 4 years old. His father wants him to be an engineer. After all, engineers earn decent money. Whether Gopal manages to become engineer or not is another story altogether?

All 3 grow up together with their own dreams and share of problems.

Both Raghav and Gopal appear together for AIEEE & JEE for engineering and Raghav clears his exams whereas Gopal could not make to any of the engineering colleges. After mulling over all options, he decides to appear again for the exams and goes all the way to Kota for coaching classes leaving his ailing father alone and his love interest.

As it is suppose to happen, Gopal being away for a long time, these gives an opportunity to Raghav and Aarti being together and seal their relationship. When Gopal gets to know, he is devastated and again as it generally happens, his grades fall (well, typical Bollywood style) and then again he starts all over again from scratch. Coaching over, he is back in town; results fail him again. His father also passes away one fine day leaving him in debt from top to bottom. Lonely and devastated, he decides to attend a local college on the advice of one of the friends from coaching classes, and here he meets Sunil. This is the turning point of the story. Sunil takes him to local MLA – Shukla. Thus, begins the story of Gopal as the Director of Ganga Tech College in Varanasi. This portion if full of political drama, agricultural land being converted into college, bribery at all level and we name it, we have it. Along with this, we have Raghav, who is not interested in joining a MNC after completing his engineering but wants to be a journalist and wants to bring the revolution in India. He wants to change the scenario of the country. Then, there is Aarti who wants to be an air hostess but becomes a front desk officer at one of the reputed hotels in Varanasi.

Amidst all this, Raghav doesn’t have time for Aarti and fate again brings Gopal and Aarti together.  What happens next? Whom does Aarti finally marry? What happens to Raghav? Does he become a hot shot journalist? What happens to Gopal as a Director? What happens to his college? All these questions and many more; to find out the answers one needs to read the book.

However, this is not one of the best works of Chetan Bhagat. Period.  As a reader, I felt the story is boring, it is a typical stuff which each one of knows and I believe has seen many a times in our Bollywood movies or even T.V Serials. I guess that we have so much of overdose of corruption and bribery in our country that reading it in a novel does not excite anyone.  The story actually drags. There are no twists and turns, it is just so very predictable. After “2 States”, the expectation was more but some where the book fails to meet that expectation. I have read all the books of Chetan Bhagat, and I must admit for an otherwise quick reader, this one took me so much time to finish it and it was a sheer disappointment. I am still confused, as to why it is named as Revolution 2020? May be the newspaper columns he writes these days have influenced the writer in CB and he ended up loosing his original flavor.

I suggest, please read the book without any expectation, you may actually like it then.

My verdict – As a reader I expected a lot more! And as a writer, Mr.Bhagat could have done a better job or at least tried doing so.


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  1. Rakesh Singh

    It was really a great experience…. just now i haw completed the book… being so strong …. m not able to let my emotions come out….
    ……………coz.. i too had a story…of love…

  2. Ravindranath

    HI Chanten, it is really superb novel. Just once i want to see Mr.Gopal, according to me Gopal he is really great guy. Hats off Gopal.

  3. Niranjan Murthy

    Firstly i congrats you sir for this awesome novel……i really gona mad for a week after scratching my head to this story…still the characters r revolving around me…is it the real story?…please continue the story as R2020 part2 sir…

  4. prashant

    I loved this novel besides the last few chapter. The ending of the novel is very simple and just like a Hindi movie. I like Gopal character very much because his character show the story of that guys (in starting chapter) who face poorness in this early life and his blind love and sacrifice for Aarty. I want to give 4star out five for this another heart touching novel of Chetan. If anybudy ask me about the gopal character than My answer is “He is great gye in real, which have evert thing, and ofcourse he is better than Raghav” in my opinion.

  5. Suman Roy


  6. capt v.k raghuvanshi

    dear all; my self captain in merchant navy read this book to day while my ship is underway in north atlantic ocean, i also belong to holy city benaras, and my native place is very close to ganga tech eng inst in varanasi, and i been in all places specially mentioned abt varansasi…
    therefore kindly believe as a true story.

  7. "Dear PA"

    i cnt furnish wth wrds

    because this is the first book i’am reading a english novel(fiction)
    but i luv it more than other one

  8. dhiraj hassani

    dis is mine first book i’m reading n i m stdent,, sir its huge request to u if u tel us abt dis dat is it real or not…???

    all peoples r only waiting for ur rpy only,,, plz sirrr plz,,,

    1. ravi rawat

      its a real story….if u want to know more about the reality….search ganga tech college Varanasi at google, there u ll get everything about this novel

  9. ABHI

    Wow.. just finished ur book sir… It is an awesom novel.. i hav lost my heart in it.. Really good Work…!!!!!

  10. deepak mishra

    dear chetan sir…..i love d story….enjoy d feeling of gopal for aarti & raghav…want 2 see aarti,how she look?

  11. sujatha

    I love this book very much..i had already read 2 states.. which is also a very good book with understandable easy english..chejan ji not only writes what is happening, he also writes what all that characters thinking in their mind at that situation..i think that is the plus in his writings..and that is what making us crazy to read his books more..i like to read R2020 part 2 also :) :)

  12. parmjeet saini

    cheatn g… i really LOve this book,,, i read sum other buks,, bt i personally lik u aloddd,,, sir plz keep writing 4 us…. i thank u alod..i read 2 stats as well..raghv did well 4 his wrk… aarti mak us feel love.. gopal a multstar… really wanna meet GopaL.. I SURF on googl abt him,,,, anixious 2 meet him.. i hop in lif a will meet him……… lodsssssssss of tnks 2 u Bhagat sir… punjabi rocks in paperbacking king

  13. Chanpreet kaur

    Hii sir
    U hv written amazing book
    The character of gopal is very touching
    I m in love with him
    I want to meet him
    I hv searched on internet but there is no contact available of Mr. Gopal mishra
    I want to meet him

  14. Neha S

    This book is a fun ride as early works of chetan baghat. But there was something lacking in this book that was there in the author’s previous outings.. But a good thought in the end.
    Nice read…

  15. vasundhara

    i loved it chetan sir..
    it was grt.. :)
    u r the best.. the way u expres emotions in ur writng is osm.. :)
    my family use to force me to ready.. bt i ddnt.. thn my brother gave me ths book nd askd me try.. nd if u get bore the dnt.. thn i thought whts bad to give a try.. i started readng ystrdy.. nd i could nt stop my self.. i compltd readng 2dy evng.. it was nt great exprence.. nd i descd to read more.. :)
    nd like others i also want to meet gopal nd aarti.. nd spcly raghav bcz i wnt to be a journalist too..


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