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Soundtrack – review

Raunak Kaul, young passionate, gifted DJ and  musician, comes to Mumbai to pursue his musical career. He finds his groove in Tango Charlie, a nightclub from where his  life takes a fast lane and on a high with fame, adulation, drugs and sex.  However, the fast life  comes to a screeching halt when Raunak starts loosing his hearing power and soon become completely deaf.  So what happens next in the life of Raunak?

How would it be to be a musician and suddenly deprived of to hearing sense ? Ludwig van Beethoven, considered the greatest musician of all time, continued to compose music even after becoming completely deaf. The movie takes inspiration from the legendary composer and even his quotes are highlighted in-between the scenes. Having said this, Soundtrack is an official remake of  2004 Canadian independent movie “It’s All Gone Pete Tong“.  Bollywood has recently taken a penchant for remakes while the mainstream movies are loud remakes of masala entertainer from South India, credit should go to  debutant director Neerav Ghosh to treat us with an official remake of a sensible and meaningful movie which is quiet entertaining as well.

For talented and versatile actor, Rajiv Khandelwal it s a role that would allow him to show different hues of personality. He slowly transforms from an energetic, passionate musician to an eccentric talent who tastes success and gets high on fame, sex and drugs and later gains our sympathy when tragedy strikes and he destiny forces him to fight back the demons within to reinvent himself. To his credit, Rajiv plays the role with ease and in complete control without going over board. Soha Ali Khan as Gauri is endearing, playing a deaf character and steering the life of Raunak. Mohan Kapoor as Charlie, the owner of Tango Charlie Night club,  who parties hard on extremes and acts as God father of Raunak when he discovers his musical talent impresses on screen.

Various real life film personalities like Kailash Kher, DJ Aqueel, Music director Salim, Anu Malik makes appearance as “talking heads” who talk about Raunak adds to the fictional authenticity of the movie and adds a fresh element to the movie.  Since the movie is a musical subject, it is expected to have a good scores and the musical directors Midival Punditz, Karsh Kale have come up with brilliant scores and my pick are “Banao banao” , “Fakira” and “Ek Manzil

Ginger Chai Verdict:   I would recommend you to watch it.  Feel the music.

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  1. Mr. Pramathesh

    Nice Review.

    Btw a small trivia show off, Banao Banao is an old song by Angaraag ‘Papon’ Mahanta. He has been singing this song in pubs and engineering colleges for the last 5 years and is almost a dope anthem now. The original had a faster tempo suitable stage performances.

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