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Her Song

She sang very beautifully and she was so exquisite,

She had everyone’s attention although she didn’t realize it,

She missed no note and her melodious voice filled my ears,

Her song was so mesmerizing and sad that my eyes welled up with tears.

I hoped her song would never come to an end and I could listen to her forever,

Her voice soothed my senses and the notes flowed like a river,

I wondered how she was so perfect and impeccable,

When she stopped, the look of astonishment on her small face was unforgettable.

She bowed down and closed her eyes to take in the moment,

I joined the applause and at its ending, I could only lament,

I wish I could tell her how much her words had touched me; her words had so much power,

Her song had ended and I moved on but carried her song in my heart forever.

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Sonal is currently doing her 11th standard schooling and started writing here two years back at the age of 15, becoming the youngest writer at our brew station.

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  1. medha

    hi sonal…

    itani chotisi hokar kitna acha likhati ho…. good job… congrates… and wish u all the best for your next poem..

  2. medha

    hi sonal… great …. kitana achha likhati ho… wish u all the best for next poem… waiting for new one… congrates………

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