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From A Whisper To A Scream (An Anthem Dedicated to Anna Hazare)

Behind the scenes, it continues to prevail,

matters being fudged under the table.

We didn’t give as much as a thought to it, thus we trailed.

Perdition it became where none could amble.


Tall claims tainted our lands and minds.

A state of dormancy hindering, leading nowhere,

Answers seeped away like the sands of time,

To a point where mockery was spun out of those aware.


For too long I have heard that She’ll reach the zenith,

as half the truth is always a whole lie.

Helpless as we are when we watch Her writhe,

The least we could do is join the hue and cry.


Now, a phoenix has risen from the ashes one more time,

To crusade for all and rid Her from the slime.

Come, friends and foes alike, persevere for the bill,

To be passed, for in time if nothing else kills you, corruption will.


0 15 September, 2011 Other Stories September 15, 2011

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I firmly believe that well refined words could make or break a person, either devastating the very fabric that defined him for long or could set him in motion that were merely his dreams. I aspire to be a novelist or journalist with a sole aim to deliver fidelity and mesmerizing poems that would will leave the readers relinquished long after having read them. My works could be followed at Poems by Ejaz My debut poetry book will be in the stands by the end of this month.

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