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The Great Indian Tamasha

What a saga being unfolded in recent times! The messiah of aam admi, Anna, promises to weed corruption from the face of the country or is it?

Newspapers and television channels are soaring high on their TRPs. Unknown netas are suddenly becoming the mouthpiece of common men. Not to mention the Babas and Babies jumping in the bandwagon to add to the ‘Band Baja Baraat’. Whatever be the case this is one ‘Great Indian Tamasha’ that nobody can miss.

No the protagonist of this drama is no tall ,dark  & handsome hero but a dark and old knight giving the birdies a run for their money. His Gandhian topi is his biggest style quotient, stylish enough to inspire even the IIT-an  gen-next. ‘Fasting’ was never as cool as it is now & ‘Team Anna’ as they are popularly known couldn’t have been more famous as they are now.

Makes me wonder sometimes what makes that  frail looking Gandhian reincarnation click!!!!

Take it people, we Indians are a bunch of emotional people who can sit day and night to SMS the name of the’ Indian Idol ‘or the next ’Singing sensation’ of the season. And when it comes to patriotism ,we just can go a bit overboard. That is how our essential fabric as a nation works. So when we came to know that a new freedom struggle had just begun, we were just marvelously united.

In no time, the power play shifted from the corridors of the politicians to Uncle Sharma seated in his living room. Even the neighborhood Singh aunty participated in the candle light vigil for the cause. Not to mention, our very own Raj, who was giving updates over updates about how corruption was about to have a great fall.

It’s true though that it has gobbled up your living & breathing space with no other news story to surf for. The endless traffic jams make you want to stop it all (what the heck!!!).Just the one chord, this ‘Great Indian Tamasha’ has touched amongst all is the frustration with the system. The rich become richer ,the poor become poorer and the double talking politicians richest of them all !!!
The reason….well, corruption does it all for them!!!

India now wants change….

A break from bribing the traffic policemen or the bureaucracy. A break from bribing the hospital ward boy or even paying huge sums of money to the doctor to get the right treatment for our loved ones.
We just want to do away with this entire nuisance……

I would like to end with a satire, a dialogue, from the latest flick by Pankaj Kapoor “Chala Mussadi Office Office

Naam (name)?” asks the policeman at his station desk.

Mussaddi Lal,” says the accused, Mussaddi Lal (of course).

Pesha (profession)?”

“Retired school master, Mahatma Gandhi School, Lal Ganj, Ghaziabad, India.”

“Jurm (crime?)”

“Common man!”

And this is no tamasha!!!!!!

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This is Sriparna Mukherjee aka Shinymist. An Electrical Engineer by profession, a mother of my one year old girl,a music lover and someone who has bumped upon writing by chance.

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  1. Nandini

    well written. The satire dialogue from the movie is fantastic. Will try to watch the movie atleast for this dialogue.

  2. Aasheesh

    Did you know the 39th amendment to the Indian Constitution passed on August 10, 1975 was made for the benefit of just one individual: Indira Gandhi. It retro-actively placed the election of Prime Minister above judicial scrutiny. (Thankfully, this was of course later rescinded/revoked by the Dr. Swamy’s Janata Party Govt) No wonder the CON-party wants the office of the Prime Minister to be excluded from the purview of Lok Pal.

  3. Shinymist

    @Nandini: Thanks Nandini for liking it…dont you also think that being a commoner is one of your biggest setbacks?
    @Aaasheesh:What a game politics is !!!!!
    @Jassi:Thanks for liking it

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