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The Bracelet by Ishaan Lalit

Every book has it way of appealing to the readers. With young adult books ragging the market and imagination of budding authors running free among the clouds- readers are indeed most benefited. Ishaan Lalit’s debut book- “the Bracelet” creates a sensation of mystery and thrill- with an aura that sucks in a reader through its first few gripping pages. When we are talking about fantasy, we are essentially thinking of young Potters shuffling their lives between the Muggle world and Hogwarts. Ishaan gets into more serious business, his alternate world is the venue of intense action, fatal and threatening, conjuring levels of implied danger which only the brave hearts can survive through, yes we are talking about the Alpha and Omega levels.

Abhay, the protagonist, faints, runs a raging fever of 107 and the doctors fail to ascertain reason behind all this. Their innocence is justified to the readers because he can see what the others cannot. Imagine yourself as a witness embedded somehow in the Oscar winning movie “the gladiator” and even you will feel the elephant grass fields witnessing a pursuit, an ambush and eventually become a part of a long standing episode of a battle fought between two antagonistic groups. Ishaan involves lost brothers and loved-ones, involves politics and its dirty tricks that oscillate its power among both the worlds. A serious take is further given to the involvement of machines that transports seekers armed with an Arrow to a world where spirits would kill them in seconds and their arch rival the ArthRakshaks following at heels to overpower them. “The Bracelet” speaks volumes and weaves a plot noteworthy to keep the readers looking out for the peril the protagonist and his friends face at every turn.

But whom will you trust, your college buddy, who is faking the bond itself, or the family who keeps secrets from you? It not just a quest for Abhay to find reasons behind his frequent journeys to different world, it also a story that helps him realize his strength, understand his estranged brother, and stand by, what he believes to be the righteous. To reveal more will be a crime, for even, I want the readers to follow Abhay at close heels!! All I would request to the writer as a reader, is to pen down a magnificent sequel to the present intriguing tale, that triumphs just like Michael Crichton’s “Timeline”.

About the book author:

Ishaan Lalit is a twenty seven year old gemmologist, pilot, and adventurer form a multi-cultural background. He is an avid traveler and observer of human behaviour. He conceived of the bracelet while he was training in his flying school in Philippines. He lives in Delhi NCR along with his family and his three dogs. This is his first book and he is currently working on his second book. His Bracelet is racy and intriguing simply because he has mentors like Arthur C. Clarke, Richard Bach, Stephen King and Dean R. Koontz- to kindle his imagination through the alleys of mystery.

Author: Ishaan Lalit

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 160

Price: Rs. 150.00

Publishers: APK Publishers


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