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Bodyguard – review

Salman Khan is on a dream run with back to back hits in Dabaang and Ready and is all set to ring the cash register and shatter the box office records with his latest release Bodyguard directed by acclaimed Malayalam director Siddique. The movie is a remake of the the director’s original 2010 releaseย  in Malayalam by the same title that was also later remade by him in Tamil. The movie was a super hit in both the language and Hindi version would be no different coz the movie delivers a clean, romantic comedy and is a wholesome family entertainer.

Salman plays the role of Lovely Singh, a private security agent – a larger-than-life super hero type butย  sincere, tough, loyal and affable character. He is assigned to be the bodyguard of Divya (Kareena kapoor), daughter of a Sartaj Rana (Raj babbar), a wealthy and powerful feudal lord. Salman has much respect for Sartaj as his father too was his bodyguard and he feels he owes his life to him. Salman takes his mallick’s words too serious and he follows Divya like a shadow and also frustrates her as her fitness trainer. Irritated Divya tries to emotionally play with Lovely Singh and distract him by making anonymous call. What begins as prank calls gets serious with love spreading its wings. When you think the movie is set for a predictable ending, you have a twist in the climax.

It’s Lovely Singh who carries the movie all the way and the chemistry between Salman and Kareena guards the movie. Albeit the super hero action sequences, the movie is a romantic comedy and breezy throughout, forget the villains who appear only to get beaten to pulp by Salman.ย  To the larger part of the movie till the climax, the script is simple, straight forward peppered with comedy, action and Sallu-isque dialogues but you would not cringe, yawn or get lost. Rajat Rawail as Tsunami Singh makes you laugh and don’t forget to miss the captions in his Tees.ย  The songs are already topping the charts, “I Love you” and “Teri Meri” being my pick.

GingerChai Verdict: A complete family entertainer that is tailor-made for Salman khan. This festive season get entertained by this lovable bodyguard.

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  1. shilpasharmaonline

    Hmm, I thought Ready was a flop.
    But seriously, they really need to stop making sequels and remakes. Are all the writers in bollywood dealing with writer’s block together?
    Now writing a fresh new story is not tough. or is it?

  2. Tanishka

    But I have heard a different review from my friends and they have actually warned me against Bodyguard… I’m confused now, but what’s new in that…. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Purba

    Let me guess the twist in the climax – it was Sartaj Rana who killed Lovely’s Dad!

    And that name Lovely sort of killed my enthu for the movie ๐Ÿ™

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