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I never thought that some anonymous stranger would mean the world to me right from the first sight. Come on; don’t think I am too corny, I bet you too would have gone through the same phase once in awhile. You know what I am talking about, the elated feel where your emotions bounce ebulliently and the world becomes a utopian world where you and your puppy love exclusively exist and nothing around you matters anymore. That personage could be anybody, a runaway convict, a serial killer on the loose, or a son/daughter of a business tycoon or an everyday person. The fact remains that we do not anything about that soul except they have got our hearts racing and smiling provocatively.

Crush, they call it, accurately coined for it crushes the very thing that has defined you for so long and all of sudden you are whole new person. The change is radical and truehearted. You think that you are talking perfectly but actually you are stuttering, you think you are comporting the usual way but in reality you have just walked into a puddle, ripped your new denims and extricated yourself unseeingly from the brambles. Well, it is all in the game and that is the way crushes play you. Admittedly, we don’t have any problems with all these acknowledged repercussions. Likewise, I was in constant denial too. I convinced myself that all this stuff happened only in movies and are surreal, but I had to face facts when I fell into the rabbit hole and entered the wonderland.

Sometimes we like to keep our crushes only to ourselves and reluctantly tell to lucky few people who are just as surprised as we are. From time to time, we tend to exhibit it in a way that charms the public pretentiously which delights them in a superficial manner. This could be a self defence mechanism for some who have been chagrined for far too long. The new found spotlight is their refuge from all the disgrace and contempt. It becomes their home, their own asylum.

Sometimes we do not reveal our crushes at all and make up a lame excuse to why our cheeks crimsoned promptly. Even if we disclose it, words like “dude, she is way out of your league” or “man, you know it won’t work out” could render the feeble heart and feelings beyond repair and cast us back into the region of doubt where we self-inflict ourselves with doubt and the credibility of our state of being. Now while I think about it, the old-age adage “harsh words hurt more than a poisonous arrow” holds some kind of truth in it.

Somewhere at one point, when we are all stuck and settled with living the irrefutable life that we conferred to ourselves, we are reminded of our infatuations. Those feelings and minor palpitations which we can solely credit to our crushes come back as good luck sprites and get us smiling at the wrong place and time for no reason whatsoever. The same smile that is playing across the corners of your lip.

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