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Not A Love Story – Review

Good news is RGV bounces bak with signs of his mercurial best and proves he is  not to be written off yet.  Bad news is inspite of the customary disclaimer stating the movie is not based on any real-life incident and the characters are fictious, almost everyone knows about Neeraj Grover murder case the story is based upon.  But the good news is that inspite of the huge media exposure on the murder case, RGV presents the story in an inimitable style of his own that is grippy, dark and compelling.

So the story begins with Anusha Chawla (Mahie Gill) telling her overwhelmingly in love partner Robin (Deepak Dobriyal) her intention to shift to Mumbai to fancy her chance in showbiz. Half-heartedly, Robin agrees to her wishes and his obsessive love is clear in the parting kisses.  After months of stay in Mumbai and numerous rounds of failed auditions and spurning the casting couches of the industry the hapless girl is desperate to make it big while the lovelorn guy gets impatient and chides her to shut her doors of ambition and return to him. The girl smells sucess in the name of Ashish Bhatnagar (Ajay Gehli) who confirms her a role of heroine in an upcoming movie. The girl is elated as well as the boy friend when he hears the news. But destiny takes a cruel turn, when a night of revelry turns into passion and leads to murder in the bedroom.

The roving camera sees the characters in a stark reality in all their vulnerable emotions and RGV holds his complete control over the flow of script. He is not judgemental over the turn of events and just presents the story as it unfolds without any melodrama and going over the board.  Some of the scenes that unfolds after the murder might give you cold shivers but then when you know the director has only re-created  the events of the real murder case , you get numbed at the thought what a moment of rage can lead one to.  It creeps you out.

Now if the movie is realistic and hard hitting much of the credit should go to the casts. Deepak Dobriyal and Mahie Gill brings out the shades of love and dark side of human nature in an expressively laudable act and Zahir Hussein as the CID officer makes an understated but strong screen presence. The musical score from RGV’s Rangeela has been deftly included. Especially I loved the usage of  the Rangeela lyrics “Itne chehron mein apne chehre ki pehchaan” in the BGM when the girl is arrested. 

GingerChai Verdict: Not A Love Story is  RGV ka Dark Love Story told in his mercurial style and surpsrisingly when you thought RGV is a spent force, he bounces back with a watchable movie.

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  1. Shilpasharmaonline

    Hmmm, many people are applauding the film, though I don’t know if I would watch it or not, blood and gore are the things that freak me out. May be when it comes on TV, then I might see it, you know, in matinee show(that is when they edit out such scenes. :P)

    1. Post author
      Lakshmi Rajan

      Though the blood and gore is not on the face but the suggestive scenes of the crime would freak you out. If they edit out such scenes the movie would loose the flavour 😛

  2. sonu

    I too liked the slow version of itne chehron mein.. it started very well with the scene and was great till the end.. Are we the only 2?

    That was probably the best scene and the song suddenly had a meaning to it…with her face covered (apne chehre ki pehchaan) amidst the crowd (itne chehre mein)

  3. Smriti

    Have heard good things about the movie, but I din’t like it much.. I am quite disappointed with the camera work and sound.. It’s a thriller but the extreme zoom-in/out, dark shots sometimes made me feel as if I am watching a horror flick.. There’s no need of shaky camera work.. Actors have done a brilliant job though 🙂 ..

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