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Yeddy Current

Political science can be a dry subject but we are making an earnest attempt to make political science an amalgamation of politics and applied science to give a new dimension to the subject. As part of this evolving, dynamic subject here we present you our first Applied physics on politics and a new glossary term: Yeddy Current.

For beginners

Eddy current is currents induced in conductors, when a conductor is exposed to a changing magnetic field due to relative motion of the field source and conductor; or due to variations of the field with time.These circulating eddy currents also produce a magnatic field opposite to the parent magnetic field. These fields can cause repulsive, attractive, propulsion and drag effects.

This is electrical phenomenon.

Now let’s apply the same science to politics. The Indian political scene witnessed a Yeddy current that shook the BJP’s political ambitions, maneuverability and almost destabilized its first elected Government in South India. Though, such current has been witnessed earlier in other parties in various states, Yeddyurappa is lucky to have his name ingrained in this new political nomenclature.

So what is Yeddy Current?

As per the new political definition:

Yeddy current is currents induced in the political party, when a leader is exposed to changing acceptability factor due to relative motion of the charges against him; or due to variations of the opinion with time. These tremors within the party have repercussions and thus induce magnetic fields (factions). These factions can cause repulsive, attractive, propulsion and drag effects.

And how do we put this surge of Yeddy current in equation? Simple.



Y = Yeddy Current ; L = Leadership standing within party; dC = Charge (the nature of charge); dT = Time duration

Hope you enjoyed our Applied Political science. We will come soon with various other glossary to make you understand politics better.



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  1. Pranjal

    Awesome sir!! For obvious reasons, i love this!!
    yeddy currents do cause a lot of tremors!!:P

    1. miss jaspreet

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