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1994 Pontiac Grand AM – I Love My Car!

What with such mellifluous articles on cars, I thought I’d review my own car! My very first car! You would know it as a 1994 Pontiac Grand AM. I know her as Sacagawea. My 1994 Pontiac Grand AM is a compact car (out of production now! Alas!) Produced by General Motors and boasts a 3.1L, 155HP (25 kg-m/4000 RPM, if I remember correctly) V6 engine which gives you quite a nice VROOM on the highway with a 15.1 gallon gas tank (57 liters). Despite being a 17 year old car it gives me quite an acceptable highway mileage of around 28 mpg (11.85 kmpl) and an in-city mileage of 22 mpg (9.31 kmpl). A top speed of 92 mph (147.2 kmph) has been achieved with little to no noticeable vibration or dip in fuel economy although I would strongly say that such high speeds are seldom good… for one’s general health and longevity!

The car did come “fully loaded” with crank windows, power steering, a perfectly functional air conditioning and heating system, good snow and all weather tyres and  windshield wipers that actually work in blizzards! BONUS!!! It came with a TAPE DECK! That’s right folks; I cannot play CDs in my car!!! Luckily you get all kinds of tape deck paraphernalia that allow you to connect mp3 players galore.

The dash is obviously very minimalist with a speedometer, an odometer and a trip odometer, general indicators and climate control knobs (one of which has now fallen off!). What I’d like to say is that for a first car, Sacagawea err… the 1994 Pontiac Grand AM is AWESOME!

  • Great fuel economy for the age of the car
  • Great acceleration and power to pass all the slowpoke trucks and senior citizens who like to drive at 40mph in a 70mph zone
  • Extremely cute and fuzzy!

For $2790 she was quite a steal and has ferried me over 6000 miles already in a span of 3 months or so! As you would have realized, this is not the most technical of reviews of an automobile despite the fact that I am a mechanical engineer *sigh*.

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