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One Night…

It was raining heavily, just like any other heavy rain day. No one was seen around. The streets which were full of people all the times were so silent, except for the voice of big and heavy raindrops hitting hard against the roads, the buildings, the trees and of course my raincoat. Oh! My raincoat, its courage seemed to break down before that of the mighty clouds which gathered together and were destined to chase the greedy dog, Tommy below the Chandani pan stall shed. The heavy lightning was feeling very proud to make the poor sparrow, sitting on her egg to hide it from rain, shiver from within, from the fear of her egg being destroyed in rain. The night was so furious that its voice made the cruel bat and ugly crow remain at their places and die with hunger for the whole night. This night was really going to be a horrible one for the sparrow, her egg, the dog, the crow, the owl and at the most for me.

The small pearl shaped raindrops suddenly turned into the heavy stone shaped this evening, which also caused the little drain flowing along the road side take the shape of a small canal. Crossing the lane I entered into the hostel building. I hurried towards the upstairs to reach the room no.109. I noticed the ascending noise of my footsteps and descending noise of heavy raindrops as I poached into my room.

First thing I wanted to do after going inside my room was to tell my roommate how heavily it was raining outside, but to add to my disappointment she left a message on her bed “ma’am I wont be coming till Monday morning”. So the next thing I had to do was to go into the washroom to have a change. I entered in the washroom, completely dark, it was, but was much familiar to me. I locked the door from inside and was ready to change when suddenly I switched on the light, which I often did not used to do in other cases. As I did so, I realized that it was someone else, other than me, inside the room.

I was chilled up to the end of my spine when I looked at him. I would have shouted, but I found that my vocal cords were not working. I would have collected the courage to take out my sleepers and hit him with all my energy, but I found that his only one sight, made all my veins shiver and stopped me from doing so. I would have pulled myself to reach up to the door and open it to rush outside the room but it was worthless because I knew, he would not let me do that I was wet from head to toe and he was staring at me as if he was going to eat me in the next few minutes. Oh my God! How much I wanted at that moment that someone should come from outside to have an enquiry about me and how much I prayed to God to send someone into the, carelessly left open, room.  But all my prayers and wants became worthless.

We both remained motionless and silent at our places staring at each other (I am not sure for his case) for next half hour. In that cold and shivering night every thing was so hopeless that I had nothing to do and then suddenly, I got reminded of the day when the greedy dog, Tommy, chased me and I ran with all my power only to leave the silly dog behind and enter into the hostel building before he could And also of the day when I chased the silly guys away when they wanted to carry the poor sparrow’s nest along with her newly produced egg to some other place. I was telling myself how strong and courageous I am and still I am standing helpless before this fellow? Shame! Just go on Jassi! Attack the silly with all your powers before he does so.

This was like a ray of hope which was warm, in fact burning inside my heart in that cold night. So I took one of my sandals and was going to hit him with all the might I had, but suddenly something stopped me on the way. Why it was so that he was not moving at all, even to see me in action? Coming back to my senses I decided to first to touch him with my sandal. This task took a lot of courage, but I had no other choice. I raised my hand, holding the sandal towards him expecting an action from him but he didn’t move. My sandal got closer to him. My heart was like coming out through my mouth, which was although lacking even a single symptom of liquid inside it, as my hand went closer to him. Ultimately that moment arrived when I really touched him with my sandal, only to realize that he was a dead cockroach!

Oh! Wait a second. Let me tell you that I have “cockroach mania” from childhood. Otherwise you all will say that I had been such foolish that night.

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