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Love is Like This

I just got into my high school. When I was at ninth standard one strange thing happened to my senior friend. I will tell you in detail as he told me. Please read it with patience (if at all you are reading it) and don’t scold me after reading this.

He started with this:-

She was my life. I met her every night. We spend hours together. I loved her like anything. She was the most happening part of my life. She was such pretty that i couldn’t live a day without meeting her. She also liked me very much. Whenever she came before me i went into dreams. She came by my side everyday and every night too. Sometimes she will come near my seat in class also.

One day i got a big scolding for that issue by my Hindi sir. I was ashamed of myself. But i couldn’t help myself. I liked her too much. I still remember hours we spent together in my bed at night those were such beautiful moments that i will never ever forget.

One day we were together on my bed, in morning hours. She was at her best at this time. But my dad caught me red handed. He sent me out of my room. She also disappeared slowly. He told me that she is not good for your career. Ignoring her, I went to the terrace as she was really not good for my exams. But I couldn’t ignore her. After my dad went she came there also. I loved her too much I was again with her.

Finally my dad caught us again he poured a bucket full of water on me and then she; my dearest sleep did not came to me again at least that day.

Even now I love her too much. Please someone go and tell my dad that I can’t live without her.

– Written by Jaspreet Singh

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      1. Mani

        its rolling on the floor laughing 🙂 welcome to GC. grand rolling entry and we dont keep any one on hold. its only the author themselves who hold and unhold and withold 😛

        1. jaspreet

          well mani ji thanks fr the grand welcome
          hope i ll be learning few more ROFL shortcuts out here 🙂

    1. jaspreet singh

      haha shilpa, it can be anything one likes but most probably one likes sleep at the tym of exams and it gets a debut in high scool itself!!!!!!! 🙂

  1. jaspreet singh

    well mr srivastava its true tht punjabi gals n guys hv same name but dude its babe not man
    second thing sleep becomes too much dear wn u hv exams on ur head
    good , u liked it 🙂

    1. Pranjal

      Ooops. Blunder! Sorry ma’m.
      And yes. Sleep will always be there with you when you don’t want it to be! be it exam time or class 😛

    1. jaspreet

      hey chetan lemme tell u one thing frst, jaspreets can be gals too!!!
      thnks by the way

    2. jaspreet

      hey chetan leeme tell u frst, that jaspreets can be gals too!!

      and then thanks dude

  2. jassi

    ha gud one but uknw boss has told me to try some different knot!!!!!!
    hope will cm ths tym with a diff knot tc:)

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