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Murder 2 – review

Its the seasons of sequels, although most of the squels oflate has been disappointing. Mahesh Bhatt presensts the sequel to the 2004 blockbuster Murder. If Murder was hot, Murder 2 is much more hotter and steamier but.. well before I reaveal that let me tell you few other things. In this second outing, the movie gets an entire new team with a new director calling shots,  a new plot having nothing to do with the Murder 1 and an entirely new star cast barring the main lead Emraan Hashmi.

This racy erotic thriller is set in Goa is loosely inspired by the Korean film The Chaser. Arjun Bhagawat (Emraan Hashmi) an ex-cop and now a drug peddler is approached by a pimp whose girls on pay roll goes missing. It turns out that there is a serial killer on a prowl.  While trying to crack the mystery, Arjun asks the pimp to send another girl, if one particular suspect calls again, so that they can lure him and catch. Uknowing to Arjun, a college studying girl,  who is lured into prostitution for money in a desperate move to give a good life to her family, is send to the customer. Later when he comes to know, he admonishes the pimp for playing with the life of a teen and is desperate to save her. But things turn more darker and grimmer when the serial killer turns out to be a neurotic serial killer. On a side track, Arjun has an affair with a model (Jacqueline fernandez) wh0 also gets into the attention of the psychopath.

The Murder 2 is good in patches, the first half  is edgier and steamier and keeps you on a hook. Though in the second half, the director looses the plot and the story become more predictable and lackluster but the climax gets better. If Murder 2 manages to hold attention, it is not the steamy scenes or Emraan Haashmi but villain of the movie potrayed adeptly by Prashant Narayanan. Its been a long time Bollywood saw a villain taking honours of a movie and Prashant is chillingly brilliant in his role.  Yes, Emraan Hashmi and Jacqueline takes the definition of steamier to an erotic high for Bollywood standards but the scenes lack chemistry and it is more like a steamy condomn ad. Even their own stories does not strike an emotional chord. Sulagna Panigrahi, as Reshma, the college girl makes an impression too.

GingerChai Verdict: Murder 2 may not be upto the mark of Murder but the movie is definitely edgier in parts and watchable. Atleast for Prashant Narayan’s brilliant performance, you can give it a watch. Go with low expectation, you will be thrilled.



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  1. Neha Sharma

    is this the same mahesh bhatt who made films like naam, arth…..
    on tv show, he is advising about ethics and look which type of movies he is making…..
    raj kapoor and mahesh bhatt both started their career with some phenominal movies ended up with such vulgar movies…

    1. jaspreet singh

      they show what people see
      by the way story line seems quite good
      lets c how the screenplay is gonna be
      going for it just to watch prashant narayanan and may be my hunger for suspense.

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