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10 health benefits of Jackfruit

Jackfruit Tree is indigenous to Indian subcontinent. Do you know the name Jackfruit rom the Portuguese Jaca, which in turn, is derived from the Malayalam language term, Chakka. The fruit is considered by Tamilians as one of the three auspicious fruits (mukh kani) , along with banana and mango.

The fruit also has various health benefits. Lets check out 10 such benefits of Jackfruit:

Energy Booster: Abundant with simple sugars like fructose and sucrose, the soft and easily digestible fruits are energy powerhouse to revitalize the body instantly. And the real bonus point is that although Jackfruits are energy rich fruit but it contains no saturated fats or cholesterol making it one of healthy fruit to savor! So relish the fruit with no guilt!

Anti-cancer properties: Jack-fruit is rich in phytonutrients. Wondering what are they? Phyto nutrients are plant-based micronutrients that contain protective, disease-preventing compounds. These phytonutrients may help eliminate cancer-causing free radicals from the body and slow the degeneration of cells that can lead to degenerative diseases.

Good for constipation: Jackfruits have dietary fiber, which makes it a good bulk laxative. Β It aids the bowel movement and so prevents constipation.

Anti-ulcer properties:Β  Jackfruit is also known to contain anti-ulcer properties which help cure ulcers and digestive disorders.

Eye and skin care: Vitamin A helps in maintaining a healthy eye and aids in good vision. Small amounts of Vitamin A in Jackfruit helps in your dose of requirement needed for your eyes. Jackfruit has anti-aging properties, which makes the skin appear young by slowing the cells degeneration.

Lowers high BP: The fruit is a good source of potassium, which is an important component of cell and body fluids that helps controlling heart rate and blood pressure.

For Asthma patients: Ayurveda prescribes the extracts from the root of Jackfruit tree for treating Asthma. Boiling the jackfruit root and its extract has been found to control asthma.

Strengthens the bone: Being rich in magnesium, Jackfruit helps to absorb calcium, thereby strengthening the bones.

Prevent anemia: Β The high iron content helps to prevent anemia and helps in proper blood circulation in our body.

Increases the sperm count: According to Ayurveda, ripened jackfruit helps increase the sperm count.

Did you check our Jackfruit visual recipe HERE ?

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  1. Shilpa Garg

    Is jack fruit a common veg/fruit in South India!? Coz in North India, we don’t see it that much on the shops and only the ‘kaccha’ variety is made as vegetable. I am yet to see the ripened fruit in any of the shops.

    1. Pranjal

      Thank God. I thought i was the only ignorant. Even i am yet to see it being eaten as a fruit. Sabzi is pretty common though

      1. Anney

        Please come to south india…we will delight all of you with the ripe jackfruit. It’s one of a kind…yum yum…

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