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GingerChai Birthday Spoof

Two days back we had our second birthday anniversary. You all know our chaiwalas are a special breed with a funny bones and we love to pull our own legs. So Anney Thomas decides to take a spoof on our GingerChai B’day party and cleverly weaving in the past stories that have appeared in our site . Read on and spread the laughter…

Oh Lord….I forgot… It’s GC’s birthday today……

I make a mad dash to the website unaware of the bloggers whom I knocked aside to get there. ‘The party may be in full swing by now’ I thought as I came crashing on to the site writing Happy Birthday to GCCCCCCC and to the rest of us on the author panel…..

Wait a minute….where is everyone….what happened to the comments?‘ I cried in shock at the blank page. The nearby blogger looked at me like I had purple warts growing on my face.

BossWHERE is the cake and the candle?!…. I wrote furiously.

There was no reply. Looks like the boss has gone in for a GC happy Hour sip!!!!

Ufffffff….I will have to take charge…..Ok…

First I need to dial Sanjiv to drive everyone to the party in his flashy cars and bikes!

1. Candles….Let’s see maybe I can call Mani, she might be back for the Sweet meet at Ziddibloggers, I can ask her to summon some candles!

Mani!  Please bring the fire!

2. Cake….Maybe, Gayatri could sketch a cake fake for the readers or make us an Eggless Chocolate Coffee Cake

Gayatri ! Create cake, create it eggless!

3. Movie… Let me call on Pumpkin the great to find out if his highness can get off the Loony Luna bars and Moka coffee for a short while to get us some good movies for the party

Sir Pumpkin LongShanks bring in the Movies

4.  Food“Hey…. Chicken menu mei hai kya?!!!” Pranjal the (Mental) engineer by profession just commented.

“Nope, we will have some of that yum Potato Poriyal, Idli batter Pakoda, Stuffed tomatoes, sweet banana fry….. Devilangel comments.

“*Faints*” Pranjal’s non veggie heart and murmurs “as per my law of Party, the happiness is inversely proportionate … ” Ok here he goes with yet another of his legendary laws…

5.  Music….perhaps, our genie Usha can check if the Dabba radio is talking of us or nip down to collect a favor from one of the bands to play some awesome music for the party…

“Usha you need to be Soul-ed up!!!! Urgently”

6.  Check on Boss…..Will write to Dr. Vidya. Maybe, she can check to see if the Boss has a hangover from too much Ginger Chai in his system….I knew we should have kept a tight eye on the Boss’s chai intake!!! Darn it!!!! He was enjoying the sip for too long!

“Vidya , the boss is on GC binge! Need to go bananas! and cure his hangover”

7. Shall send a note to Mrs. Boss, this way she will get him running to the blog…….

Divya Sharma! Boss chai pe gira hai shayad!

8. Maybe, the Boss is at a movie

“All GC mates listen! The Shaitan Ready for Double Dhamaal is MISSING in REVIEW!  Last seen watching a masala brain dead entertainer with a large flask of hot ginger tea!!!!  ”

Suddenly… a comment appears on GC…

The boss responds….

Angels, Devils and my dear bloggers and co-plotters of GingerChai, after self-torturing myself week after week with these manic movies, I need a rejuvenation of a sort…  So I am taking back seat on this big day and see how my wonderful people over here share their happiness index of being chaiwala and pep me up for the bigger manic days ahead… Thanks for the big party and yes picture baki hai mere dost! “

The party begins now … but hey someone is missing. She has to certify the madness of the party … Shilpa, where are you?!!! And at the end of the party, a spiritual spa will be better too. Ambi be right here soon.

0 29 June, 2011 Wicked Brew June 29, 2011

About the author

Born and brought up in Abu Dhabi and roots in India, Anney has a streak of funny genes that could make you forget day’s tension. She has reinvented her writing passion and is here to delight us with her flavour.

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  1. Mani

    hee hee hee. I wonder what Pranjal has to say to this. or has he not yet recovered from his fainting attack? 😀

    1. Anney

      Looks like the Law of Heart Attack is directly proportional to the degree of Spoof!!!!

      1. Pranjal

        ha ha ha… Thank God it is not. If Magnitude of heart attack was directly proportional to the degree of spoof, I would have become ‘Late Pranjal’ from ‘Pranjal’ 😛

  2. Usha


    Can someone please link Anney’s “I forgot” line to her Legendary memory of an elephant. Thanks much! 😀 😀

    We love you Anney! 🙂

  3. Pranjal

    Ha ha ha. Awesome. You’re Awesome Anney.
    But seriously? Are You kidding me? Bina Chicken Ke Party? Its like having an engine with no fuel 😛 or rather- having the Apple and Newton but no gravity to make the Apple fall on his head 😛

  4. Devilzangel

    Ooohh a lil late here :-s but nonetheless :p it ws a freakomaniacly hilarious n amazin take :p haha ws lafin @ every bit of it lol :p.

    Jus 1 thing though 🙁 its Devilzangel n not Devilangel 🙁 u missed 1 ‘z’ der :p. but amazin post 😀

    1. Anney

      Oppppps! Sorry! Devilzangel….realised that only after it went to print!!!! won’t forget the ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ next time!

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