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Happy Birthday to us! GingerChai turns 2!

GingerChai Turns 2

Two years back on this date, GingerChai domain was registered and a wonderful journey began! From the fumbling baby steps in the first year, we learned out steps and gained confidence. Thanks to all our wonderful writers, readers for the awesome experience – GC is brewing coz of  all of you! This coming year, we are launching many new ideas, contests and segments, will announce that in coming days. Today,  let’s just sit back, relax and enjoy the birthday moment. I asked my co- writers what they felt about GingerChai and their experience being here. This is what some of the Chaiwalas have to say…


What Chaiwalas think


Sir Pumpkin Longshanks


I’ve been part of Ginger Chai for 17 months, although I’ve been enduring a dry patch for the last 4-5 months or so. I am glad that I haven’t been given a pink slip yet for being delinquently irregular with my articles! 😛 I look forward to returning to ginger chai after having dealt with all the trials and tribulations that life deals.

Ginger Chai is a truly awesome blog to exhibit one’s (in my case, inarticulate!) writing talents. The articles churned out by the authors are phenomenally entertaining and informative! I am honored to be part of the author panel of perhaps one of the best sites on the blog-o-sphere. Three cheers!


Anney Thomas

For me, it’s my portal to all the free sprits, always different when I least expect it, definitely my favourite blog since my readers love to open their minds to some fun and laughter.

For me,  GC gave me a college feel virtually, with everyone one pulling at each others post and always with good humor and sportsmanship…its hard to be that way or expect it from a large variety of writers and readers…

What I would like to see in future in GC are an Agony Aunt column, online shopping options and bloggers meet twice a year, news bits of birthdays and achievements by other members… like Ritu put out a book trailer for her book.






“I’ve been on Gingerchai since quite a few months now and the experience has been amazing. Gingerchai is an encouraging platform where writers with concrete writing style and true-to-the-soul stories, entertaining reviews and yummilicious recipes get an opportunity to share with the world of distinct readers something that they have enjoyed creating/writing/reviewing.

My journey on GC, however short it has been till date, has been an interesting one. I’ve contributed towards short stories that I didn’t know I would be interested in writing about and recipes. The works have been well received and thanks to GC, Devilzangel is spreading her alien wings far and wide ;).

Hope GC keeps rocking the way it has always been and hope it reaches new heights and encourages more talent on its website. It’s always a happy feeling being a part, being a chaiwala on the ever-exciting Gingerchai. Happy luck :)…!!!”


Vidya Sury

A cup of tea is a chai for ever!

Gingerchai is one of the most preferred beverages in my house.  It rejuvenates, refreshes and helps recover from various minor ailments.

When I happened upon way back in Jan 2010, I thought, hey, what a fun name for a site! It was refreshing to see the site – with its variety of posts and humorous content. I particularly became fascinated with the 55 fiction. I began to contribute, too. Around Sept 2010, I started writing a health series and now have 35 plus health posts, mostly on a twice weekly basis published Tuesdays and Saturdays. Regrettably, in the last couple of months, I have had a few ups and downs resulting in me being irregular.

Regardless of that fact, I eagerly look forward to Gingerchai updates, especially the movie reviews and the recipes. Surprising!  – Because although I am perceived as a creative and good cook, I don’t freak out and get desperate to try recipes. That said, I do enjoy seeing the visual recipes because they’re fun. Movie reviews – well, I have not been in a movie theater for close to 12 years and have no plans of getting into one any time soon – I am the home DVD type. So – I find the reviews fun.

One of my most enjoyable experiences at Gingerchai was evaluating the blogging contests – what a pleasure that was – to read such a lot of terrific stuff – and in the process, meet so many fantastic Bloggers out there!

Even as I feel guilty on Monday and Friday night, I warmly appreciate all you folks who have been kind enough to comment on what I’ve had the privilege to write on Gingerchai so far; I must hasten to reassure you that I am not drifting off sneakily. I have 2-3 reader generated topics that I do intend to write about, soon.  It is just that my workload has gone up more than expected and I’ve not only been a bit lax writing here; I’ve also not done too much on my own blogs. In the middle of all that, I migrated my Going A-Musing blog to its own domain at – and oh boy, the teething troubles I am having! The less said the better.

What can I say? I think it is quite terrific of LR to give us the opportunity to populate Gingerchai with our words. For my part, I thoroughly enjoy being associated with Gingerchai.  A big hug to the GC family!

Cheers! (With a mug of Gingerchai, of course!)


Usha Amudhan


No one chai gains recognition if not for the consumers and their interest to be involved in the sharing of the taste. The comments that were left, the many Facebook likes/shares, the number of Tweets and the RSS subscriptions that you as readers have contributed is one helluva reason why has sustained thus far.  THANK YOU!


One fine summer afternoon back in 2009, when I used to own a real apartment (and not a 2 by 8m dorm room with peeling wall paint, and a fickle minded air conditioning system that makes annoying noises) boredom got to me and I did random searches. One of the many searches landed me on Lakshmi Rajan’s creation: I no longer recall what I wrote in but I do remember what LR wrote back.


All you need is a passion to write”.

There we go. That’s how the Boss signs the deal. He doesn’t check if you have a background with writing. He doesn’t care if that was the first time you ever picked up your pen to even write your name. You wanna write? You wanna share with others what you have to say? He’s your man and here’s your canvas!

We have a range if no one has figured that bit out yet. Although the site goes by a specific taste which would largely be Ginger, we aim to and hopefully have delivered a variety of that single GingerChai.

There’s a bunch of us who belong to the cups of gingerchai that is uber sweet, some of us who pretty much run high by the same sugar intake, a bunch of us with a whole range of spices added, you feel rejuvenated as you leave after reading our articles and also a bunch of us whose gingerchai might include a pinch of salt for a subtle effect.

Nevertheless, they’ve all been proven safe for consumption.


I’m all hyped up about this. Think about it. We have all known each other for close to two years now. None of us have met the other. And the added fact that the number of authors and readers keep growing makes all the more sense that a meet is essential. You need to get to know your virtual family better. Right? I can see you doing the Indian nodding action.

So here’s to yet another great year with more cups of GingerChai coming your way. Generally Ginger Chais are caffeine free. Hence if YOU are addicted already, it’s testament to how amazing WE are.

And the ME couldn’t resist the urge to gloat at least once.


Pranjal Srivatsava

About one year ago, when I wrote my first article and mailed it to Rajan sir, he said- “I went through the review you submitted. Going through the article, I can sense you have a natural flair to write. Your review was quiet convincing. I will publish the review this Saturday. As you would have seen in GingerChai we encourage our writers to write on various subjects of our choice. So feel free to write on any subjects of your liking. If you have any clarifications, feel free to ask.”

And such has been GC for me ever since. When I joined GC I was not even a blogger. Even now I don’t write much on my blog- will scribble something once in a long while on the blog. I started writing for GC and learned writing with GC.  Thank You Maniji for being the best mentor, guide and friend and showing the confidence that only you and Rajan sir do.

Rajan sir- you are an exceptional author and an awesome editor.  May everyone get such boss by lord Ram’s grace: P  GC people- You are all so fantastic that together, you make something as great as GC, so please add me on facebook. I have got a few very good friends thanks to GC.

GC is one the most diverse e magazines and is continuously evolving. Only one thing- I wish to see a print version of GC. Also, we should hold a GC meet and the GC meet should have a dinner party with chicken on menu. Rest you guys can plan 😛


Mani Padma

When I was asked to give my two cents on my association with GingerChai, I never realized it would prove to be so difficult, not because I am speechless with emotion. I was never this emotional types nor can I boast of being measured in words but rather due to my helplessness in writing a proper post as I am travelling. But as the good old saying goes “If there is a will, there is a way” , there is a way through and here I am SMSing my two cents to Rajan.

So what does GC mean to me? It’s Awesome. It has given a new meaning to life. It has given me a whole new set of family and friends…  It has given me the freedom and platform to experiment and think unconventionally. It has always encouraged me to try something or in starting a new segment as long as you wrote what you believed from your heart or wrote the truth, as long as the data was authentic.

Just as there is balance in symmetry in the universe, yin and yang, good and evil, day and night, so there is a duality in life’s philosophy.  It is the other perspective along with the norm that GC had encouraged me to explore. You can call it creative freedom while I will say that I found happiness in the fact that it let me be myself, which is the greatest gift a literary platform can provide an author.  As far acceptance, well our readers have been kind to us and accepted us even when we are an inexperienced lot coming from non-literary background. It is there words of encouragement that eggs us on at times when we face writer’s block. It will be unfair if I don’t mention the team chemistry as even that plays an important role.

Rajan has always been the binding factor of the whole team but the individual team members have a thing in common and that is team spirit, sense of humour, good nature and more importantly mutual respect for each other.  In short, GC has always been a writer’s paradise – a great awesome chief editor, no deadline or pressure to deliver, complete freedom, intelligent and sensible readers who are so encouraging and absolutely fantastic team mates who dote on you. This is just an author’s viewpoint. I would like to hear what our readers think about us because the truth remains that we write for YOU.

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He is the lead man of GingerChai and plays the multi role of chief author, editor, business development and also of a chaiwala! (Tea maker!) He is the master brewer at Ginger Chai.

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  1. S.R.Ayyangar

    My best wishes on Ginger Chai birth anniversary and wish it to churn out many many more cups of hot & spicy tea.Your team of dedicated brew masters deserve pat on their back.

  2. Gogoi

    Happy bday to you all, happy bday to you all

    I only recently found your website but since then got sticky here.

    Loved reading the chaiwala’s take 🙂 lovely bunch of people around here. Gayatri your sketch is quiet creative. Kudos to all. keep brewing.

  3. Keeravani

    Great work team. Keep the spark alive and kicking. Good to read the individual minds , their perspective that shapes GC.

  4. Alka!

    Am late entry for the party. Sorry guys could not be active like before due to some personal issues. But I do keep tab of the articles whenever I got time. Good luck serve us cups and cups of chai for long long long time and for ever 🙂

    1. Post author
      Lakshmi Rajan

      was wondering other day what happened to you. Nice to read your comment again. Mani would be definitely happy to read your comment again 🙂 Welcome back and a big thanks!

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