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Double Dhamaal – review

Yet another Friday and yet another movie and the Bollywood saga of stupidity filled tamasha continues.  The 4 original looser Idiots who made you laugh four years back in the low budget “Dhamaal” are back with more budget, more stupidity in this sequel.

The characters and the plot are the same here too. The four Idiots are looking for an easy way to become millionaire and the movie begins in the same road where they almost hit the jackpot in the prequel.  Hoping that history repeats, they wait for 2 years (?!) yes, you read it T-W-O years in the same accident prone road bend hoping to witness an accident again and someone to tell them the treasure map before dying. Ok, they are the doubly loaded idiots for you this time. They find out that Inspector Kabir Nayak (Sanjay Dutt) of the prequel is a millionaire now. They decide to gate crash into his office and home and become partners in his business. In Double Dhamaal, you have the double ladies – Mallika Sherawat and Kangana Ranaut as Kabir’s wife and sister respectively to add the glam quotient.  It turns so, Kabir and his glam dolls dupes the four Idiots again and make more millions at their expense and flees to Macau. Chased by a local don, the four idiots reach Macau as easily as you would cross a road.  This time they fume and swear to take revenge upon Kabir who now owns a casino here. So they don different makeup and try to outwit Kabir but in climax they end up being once an Idiot, always an idiot.

Riteish , Arshad Warsi, Ashish choudhary and Javed Jaffrey  are the four idiots who mimics Shatrughan Sinha, Shah Rukh Khan, Sanjeev Kumar hoping to make us laugh. If the mimics fail, they try to rotate the eye balls when they are hit at wrong place, so that we can laugh. Hey, one of them even kisses the Gorilla for us, they lick blood with French fries, they scream, they dress funny, they did everything the director asked them to but still cuts a sorry figure.  Sanjay is spared of all this antics but just swagger and deliver the written dialogues without worrying about expressions.  Feel sorry for Kangana that a promising career has to be reduced to a tamasha like this. As for Mallika, she does a Jalebi bhai number to match Sheila and Munni in vain but she must be happy that she got to display her toned body and a long screen presence and now must be praying she gets more Bollywood role In future.

In the end, the director hints that there is a triple dhamaal in future. Please spare us, if you intend to follow this over dose of everything in the name of comedy. Is it really that difficult for script writers to be little creative and original with sensible comedy?

GingerChai Verdict: Double Dhamaal , double stupidity and double waste of time.

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  1. Shilpa Sharma Online

    Dhamaal was a good film. But don’t know why our directors start making such sequels to their films that ruins the reputation of the original film. Same was done with Golmaal when Rohit shetty did Golmaal Returns and Golmaal 3 and similar was the fate of Bheja fry 2. Dhamaal and Rohit Shetty’s All the Best are the two comedy films that I liked in recent years. Inder Kumar spoiled Dhamaal by joining the rat race of sequels . Pathetic.

  2. Tanishka

    First Dhanaal was ok but then a sequel is definitely not welcomed… I think we should anyways ban sequels…. Golmaal at the top please 😛

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