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Mobile phone for Visually Impaired people

To make telephony easier for the visually challenged people, Intex Technologies has launched a Braille phone.  Called Intex Vision (In 2020 Vision), this dual Sim phone has a large Braille keypad for easy dialing. Also for those visually challenged people who do not understand Braille, the phones come with a voice Dial+ Speaking sound. What this second feature effectively does is like a Talking keypad, as the user dials the key, the key is voiced.

Phone highlights:

  • Braille key pad with big fonts
  • Voice Dial + speaking sound
  • Display is Braille supported
  • Hearing Aid earphone
  • Wireless FM Radio + Audio player
  • Dual Sim
  • Expandable memory upto 2 GB
  • Emergency SMS key

This candy bar shaped phone is very practical to use for the targeted group and thoughtfully made for their special needs. The nine numbers are single dial keys for easier dialing and also have the feature to voice the number pressed.  Also the display screen is Braille supported. By touching the screen, the user can read the SMS.

The phone comes with a inbuilt SOS key in the back panel.  During any emergency situation, the user can press the key, and an SMS automatically goes to 4 numbers that the user has preset.

The phone claims a talk time upto 3 hours and a standby time upto 460 hours.

The phone is priced at Rs.2, 600. For the members of the National Association for the Blind, the phone is available at a discounted price of Rs. 1,800.

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  1. Usha

    Awesome! Just when I’m picking up sign language, a phone in Braille has entered the market. 😀

    Existing phones have always catered for the visually impaired I thought. At least in Singapore, the phones usually had a sort of dot button on 5, so that people can feel their way through the key pads.

    Perhaps not anymore since touchscreen has conquered the market these days. 🙁

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