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Shaitan – review

Let’s make it clear. Shaitan is not a horror movie rather this Shaitan brings out the inner devil within a group of aimless, reckless and rich youngsters from dysfunctional family background, who party hard, live easy and stay afloat on dope that leads them into a quagmire of one crime after another.

Amy (Kalki Koechlin) , who has had a disturbed childhood witnessing the suicide of her mom returns to India with her father, now as a disturbed teen.  In India she acquaints a group of rich kids, again from a set of dysfunctional homes, who introduces her to the world of drugs, sex and night life. One wild night in a speeding Hummer car changes the course of their life. It leads to crime, blood, kidnap plot that goes wrong and more blood. It’s the essence of the story which has been brilliantly directed  by debutant director Bijoy Nambiar with a fantastic cinematography and music to accompany.

Everything about the movie is almost original and refreshing and it’s been quiet a long time Bollywood offered us such a riveting, original thriller with stellar performance by some not so popular star casts. I don’t see anybody would be so befitting for the role of Amy other than Kalki. Everything is so perfect about her for the character.  Take a bow Bijoy for the star cast and bringing out the best of them.

The slick editing and cinematography along with the music perfects the movie.  Cinematography by Madhie takes different hues, shades and angles depends on the mood of the story and the editing by Sreekar cuts, jumps and turns the events and maintains the grip throughout to engage us.  The car chase, crash and the chase sequences were splendidly shot. The shootout and chase sequence with the remix techno version of old movie song “Khoya Khoya Chand” is simply innovative and brilliantly shot and made. The music credit goes to Prashant Pillai, Amar Mohile, Ranjit Barot and Anupam Roy.

If there is one let down in the movie it is the soft and subtle husband-wife off track story of the Inspector Arvind Mathur (Rajiv Khandelwal). I felt it is unwanted and could have been done away with or else bit paced up.

Welcome to Bollywood Bijoy, job well done. Take a bow.  If I have to find some fault line, it could be with the screenplay which could have been handled bit more tightly but I am not going to complaint since the overall product is a brilliant experience for a movie buff, fed with a diet of nonsensical movies oflate.

GingerChai Verdict: A movie that is worth all your money.  Go for it.

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