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Ready – review

You have to be a Sallu fan to enjoy this movie, so all you Salman fans “Are You Ready?” After all this Aneez Basmee’s movie is a charming young one man show throughout.

Salman “Dabaang” Khan is back into his charming ways in Aneez Basmee’s Ready. The movie is a remake of the Telugu hit by the same name. Salman has discovered what suits him best and that is to bring out his charming best persona; smile, action and cheesy comedy along with his mandatory abs show and deliver a mass masala entertainer and did you say… acting? Who bothers about it till the time the actor brings out the whistles and claps in the theatres.

When our Indian joint family system is getting nuclear and sub-nuclear, our Indian film Khandaan vouches for the one happy set where the entire parivar eats, sleeps, sings, dances, schemes, plots, cries, laughs merrily together. So we have one such “specimen” family where Prem (Salman Khan) is the lovable brat pampered by the entire family.  The family decides to get Prem married and their Guruji suggests a proposal from a NRI family. The girl, Puja is to arrive at airport and Prem to receive her. Enter Sanjana (Asin) who plots her way into the story family claiming herself to be Puja to escape from her two feuding uncles and their sons.  So who is Sanjana? What is her story? Obviously Prem and Sanjana would fall in love and how Prem handles their feuding “don” uncles and in the process making them too into a one single happy family is what Ready made of.

The movie has a two dozen of characters – all a “specimen” on its own all doing their part of madness to enrich the brain-dead comedy.  For Aneez this is definitely a better outing than Thank You and No Entry. Thanks to Ready being a family entertainer, we are spared of his usual diet of skin shows that was on the face in his previous movie Thank You.  “Pee Break” and that is how they call the intermission and that is the only creative part of the movie that otherwise bears the trademark stupidity of the director. Though, it is bit restraint in this movie.

Preetam’s Character Dheela and Devi Sri Prasad’s Dinka chika (the later song is from the original Telugu hit) is are already topping the music charts and it strikes the chord of the audience visually too. Did I hear seetis from female audience? Yes and that speaks of the Sallu magic.  Asin does not impress much but anyways this is just a Sallu’s world and all the characters are just to play second fiddle and hang around. But still, Asin looks lost.

GingerChai verdict: If you are a Sallu fan or like masala brain dead entertainer that bollywood gleefully offers, you will be entertained.

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  1. Shilpa Sharma

    🙂 You said it’s a family entertainer, and I read a review in the newspaper that says anything but a family entertainer. 😀 Who to believe? 😀


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