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Indie Rhythms Salute: Indie Aid Asia

Recall the natural disaster that caused thousands to relocate and hundreds to lose their lives either to save their land or in an effort to save their dear ones? Many dealt with the crisis – Especially the affected Japanese. They redeemed themselves to work harder than they usually would to restore their nation. In a way of paying tribute to both their bravery and also to call out to the rest of the world to join hands in aiding the affected nation, a project was begun – Indie Aid Japan.

A couple of dudes from Malaysia, started calling out to people to donate their thoughts, music, poems, paintings whatever it may be; one that was totally their work to contribute to the aide. From all that was received, a number of songs were chosen to compile an album for the cause.

Remember how I keep harping on supporting the talents featured on this site? Telling you guys to go get their albums, Download their songs, etc. I hope many of you did listen to the tracks recommended and have come to start appreciating some new varied music. J

So the next thing you should do, and because this is for charity: is to download Indie Aid Japan – The Album. You can choose to download a single track or even the entire album, for as little as 6USD. Not much. Really. If you are wondering if it’s a good idea, how about I tell you I downloaded the entire album and greatly enjoyed listening to the tracks.

And because GingerChai advocates sharing, I will highlight a couple of tracks that were contributed by our very own Indian musicians and a few others that I think you should give an ear too. Now that’s exciting right?

Indie Aid Japan – The Album

The album features 28 tracks from a range of musicians around the globe. India specifically has five tracks chosen for this album. A whole lot of creative juices from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Thailand and Indonesia make up the remaining album.

Tracks contributed by India

“Land of The Rising Sun” by Shadow, is a non-lyrical composition which has closely represented the Japanese culture with its soothing piece.

“The Land of the Rising Sun” by Surjo Bhattacharjee is a ballad that carries meaningful lyrics. If you have been reading (and I mean sincerely) this series, this dude’s name should sound familiar to you.

“The Calling” by Evergreen is a number that speaks volumes in terms of both lyrics and score. Highly Recommended!

“Tanomoshii” by Varun Athreya is a slow moving, mellow track for easy listening.

“Behind Again” by Alex Rintu an acoustic-pop piece you just HAVE to listen. Highly Recommended!

Fusion of languages

“Tonight” by Karishma Gill from the United Kingdom. According to the album she is an Artist, Singer, Lyricist, Composer, and Reiki Master . I tried my best to source her out on the world wide web but failed miserably. Karishma and Gill, both appeared to be popular names. The track features several Hindi lines between its otherwise majority English lyrics. The mix was catchy and I love her voice. I really hope she makes an album at some point.

“Peace n Love” by Leiana Robertson from New Zealand. The lyrics in the beginning were in a language that I barely recognized. If you have any idea what language that could be, enlighten me please. The rest of the track was a pleasure listening to.

Non-lyrical Favorites

“Kenangan sebuah kenangan” by Al Fakhri from Malaysia created an amazing piece of music that evokes a whole range of emotions. Enough said. The title is in Malay by the way. Highly Recommended!

“Thaw” by CC Sound Factory from Singapore. Give it up for the creativity from my nation! *claps*

“Geisha” by DjayPee from Malaysia/France, is another Japanese ambience creating track. Think kimono, Think Sakura. There you go…

Some other favorites

“Change” by The M.A.D Project (Melissa Indot, Altimet & Deja Voodoo Spells) from Malaysia has a uber cool track right here. It reminded me of my video games and the introduction score. Highly Recommended!

“Let Me Know’ by James Baum (feat. Nerdy Boy) from Malaysia. Highly Recommended!

“Grey Day” by Morgen Bis Abend from Indonesia. If you’re into Jazz, this will be a delight. Highly Recommended!

This is not the end. Well end of the article alright, but not the album. 28 tracks remember. I’m not gonna list all of them down, that’s for you to go seek and listen. The entire track list can be found here.

So… all set to part with 6 bucks for a good cause and some good music?

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  1. Hemal Shah

    Looking forward to listen to these lovely songs. I think this is a best contribution that the network does for the whole world. Bringing everyone together and sharing the emotions and feelings, nothing can beat this! Cheers for enlightened.

  2. akbarry morgen bis abend

    Hello my name is akbarry, i am playing bass in Morgen bis abend.
    whoaaa, thank you for your awesome comments in our song,I’m very happy. By the way, we are still in Highschool.
    Big thanks to YOU , I love this article 🙂

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