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Kitchen Remedies for Pain

Got pain? The remedy is on your kitchen shelf

Pain is, well, a pain! The good news is, most pains can probably be handled by home remedies (that have no side-effects) before you reach for an over the counter medication (which can have side effects). Natural is good – and here are some natural ways to fight pain. Certainly worth trying.


I would have started with one of the others, but hey, this is on Gingerchai and Ginger naturally gets first place. Ginger’s great for muscle pain, among other things (ginger chai for cold, for pleasure – you know what I mean).  Add ginger to your life for one more benefit – relief from muscle pain. One teaspoon of dried ginger – or 2 teaspoons chopped ginger to your food every day.

Why? Because ginger is made of gingerols that switch off the production of hormones that trigger pain.




Toothache? Chew a clove slowly to get rid of toothache. It also relieves gum inflammation.  Adding cloves to your diet can also help your heart as it promotes blood sugar stability, slowing down the production of cholesterol.

Why? Clove has eugenol, a powerful anesthetic.




Earache? Use 2 drops garlic oil in your ear.  Or just place one clove garlic in your ear.

Why? Garlic’s active ingredients: germanium, selenium, and sulfur compounds kill a huge range of pain causing bacteria.





Joint pains and headaches? Include cherries in your diet to gradually get rid of arthritic pain and chronic headaches. You know that medication for these can cause gastric side effects. Cherries do not.

Why? The lovely red color in cherries is thanks to anthocyanins. These are anti-inflammatory and many times stronger than ibuprofen, aspirin and the like. These anthocyanins switch off the enzymes that trigger tissue inflammation preventing and treating pain.




PMS?  Try yogurt to feel better. 2 cups a day. Yogurt has calcium which calms your nervous system and prevents painful symptoms even if your hormones object.






Foot pain?

Think salt. Soak feet in a warm salt water bath to cure painful infections. Salt is anti-bacterial and kills the germs causing the infection. Twenty minutes.





Literally wash away pain with water. Eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day flushes out histamine, which triggers pain in injured tissues. Water is also responsible for building the cartilage that cushions your bones, your joints and the soft discs in your spine. When your tissues get adequate water, they work smoothly.





Mouth sores? Heal them with honey. Apply honey on the sores four times a day. Honey has enzymes that relieve inflammation and destroy viruses, helping you heal faster. Far quicker than medication can.





Tomato juice

Leg cramps? Drink tomato juice. Why? Because cramps are caused by potassium deficiency and tomato is rich in potassium.

Ok. Try these. Or just include them on a regular basis in your diet. Enjoy the benefits.

Is there any topic you’d specifically like to see here? Let me know and I’ll write it for you!



Vidya Sury earns her calories as a freelance writer and blogger. No, she’s not trying to lose weight. She’s just hoping a miracle will happen, while she researches and writes these health posts. She blogs at Going A-Musing, Your Medical Guide and Coffee with Mi!

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  1. Nandini

    Nice to read you after long time 🙂

    Good informative article as usual. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dagny

    ‘She is just waiting for a miracle to happen’, is she…? She and who else…? 😀

    I wonder if I ought to say ‘Join the club’. Perhaps, considering your eminence and stature, I ought to wait until you tell me to join yours.

    I didn’t know about the yogurt… nice..!


    1. Vidya Sury

      Hey Dagny! When you say “stature”, what exactly are you referring to, hey, hey? 😀 No eminence sheminence here 😀 Oh, I do enjoy Emimen once in a while, though. So..its a universal club out here. No such thing as who found who. I write for the sheer enjoyment of doing it. Oh, the money helps, too. 😛 especially in the form of the almighty US dollar.

    1. Vidya Sury

      Yeah. You know, since we were too lazy to make the oil, we would just wrap a garlic clove in thin muslin and stick it in the ear. Muslin, because we were scared the garlic would somehow slip inside. 😀

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