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Love your Like

Its not  uncommon these days to find  Corporate honchos even in their mid forties or early fifties to leave their  high paying job  to pursue their dream of becoming theatre artists or even coach young kids the nitty gritties about the game of cricket.These are those who would rather open their own firms than slogging for endless hours in their office cubicles.These are IIT /IIM graduates who opt voluntarily to work in political parties or those who leave their plush MNC jobs for living their dream of becoming social entrepreneurs.

So what is it about pursuing what you like to do and not what you ought to do.What is it about realizing your dream and being in charge?

Answer very much in the question itself…Its doing what you like to do..

So you feel you are a budding MF Hussain .Go ahead and put up your best portrait of  Madhuri.

You always have been playing gully cricket but also know you have it in you to make it big.Who has stopped you to become a Sachin?

Sanjeev Kapoor inspires you to cook delicious meals .You are free to showcase it and even earn mullahs for it .

Shyamak Dawar inspires you to dance.Would love to see you put your dancing shoes on…

Researches do reveal that doing whatever is your heart’s calling gives you greater job satisfaction and brings out the best in you.Modern age is replete with instances of stress at work which culminates into severe health related issues. Doing what you like to do then has greater stakes in your well being .

I like to write…What do you?


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This is Sriparna Mukherjee aka Shinymist. An Electrical Engineer by profession, a mother of my one year old girl,a music lover and someone who has bumped upon writing by chance.

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  1. Pranjal

    I like- writing, reading, opening engines and bakar. I’m not sure if you know what bakar means but its a lot of fun. Try some time 🙂

  2. Mahesh kalaal

    Passions thrive and grow gradually as long as one has got choice in life . . . Blessed are those who have choice . . . Yes it is in our hands to create choice if we dont have one

  3. chetan

    I love to do different things, and always love to be dynamic in nature. I like all the dynamic things in life.

  4. Shinymist

    @everybody:Sorry friends for the late reply…rellly sorry

    @Pranjal:Hope you pursue with what you like to do…

    @Usha:Wow…Go ahead ..U r a rock star !!!

    @Mahesh :Agree with you totally Mahesh..

    @Mani:Mani you just caught it by the neck..Its truly the catch …

    @Chetan:Great to know your like Chetan

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