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It was triggered by an intriguing reflection,

And went on to change the whole complexion.

It all started with as mild a childlike fascination,

And has now turned into a heady obsession.


“Can I face this world?” I imploringly say,

Repairing and preparing as I ardently pray,

Do I need to be moulded like the softest of clay?

Chiselled to reflect more than what now may.


What is it that’s so alluring about you?

Is it in me or does your power magnetically glue?

I look at myself as I look inquiringly at you,

I can mend myself by taking your unsaid clue.


You precisely reflect my change in time,

Flipping my image as I pass my prime,

Time has its effects with many a harsh clime,

Masking me with less and more of the sublime.


You project more of the less and less of the more,

Proving your intangible might like never before,

But what you don’t reveal is the true spirit of the core,

For the soul reflects more and should be placed at the fore.

About the author:

Vishwas Anand of Bangalore is a poet and a writer. His poems have featured in online websites like One Shot Poetry, Jingle Poetry, four and twenty. He is also an Ezine Articles expert author. To visit Vishwas’s blog click HERE

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