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Thank You – review

If you liked Aneez Basmee’s No Problem, time to say Thank You.

Men are dogs and women are ever faithful – This is the one liner of the movie that has been woven into a brain dead comic script and which sadly entertains you too partially. Wonder why I mentioned sadly?  Sad coz the comic element of our movies has stooped so low that even a slightly better dim wit comedy starts appealing.  May be we are seriously carving for quality comedy movies.

Vikram (Irfan Khan), Raj (Bobby deol) and Yogi (Suniel Shetty) are thick friends, business partners and cheating mates who in spite of happily married to beautiful women are perpetually in heat and having affairs.  Yogi’s dominant wife Radha (Celina Jaitley) introduces Kishen (Akshay Kumar) , a Sauvé, charming Akshay Kumar to Sanjana (Sonam Kapoor) when Sanajan suspects her husband of having an affair.  The cat and mouse game begins with Kishen trying to catch the husbands during their sexcapades’ and Vikram masterminding their way out and finally Kishen reuniting the couples of course with the customary filmy dialogues of moral speak.

Among the three ladies, Rimi Sen stands out , while Sonam Kapoor cuts a sorry figure while Celina is miserable.  Among the men Irfan Khan brings some respect to the nonsense story while Akshay does his part with restraint and charm. But boy, he badly needs a rock solid hit with a good story line else his star status is sure to nose dive into pits. In the multiplex I watched the first day; first show the movie attracted a dozen people.  Hardly inspiring for a star’s home release.

The movie is shot entirely in Canada and is visually appealing.  Music by Pritam is uninspiring.  Malika Sherawat does an item number for the song Razia and is easily forgotten.

GingerChai verdict: A silly movie that you can watch only for Akshay , Irfan and Rimi Sen.  If only Aneez has cared for sensible script and not relied on voluptuous bodies and brain dead, slapstick comedy, we could have told him a Thank you but alas it is not to be.  With IPL entertainment started, you do have a choice but If you find cricket an over doze, you can watch once.

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  1. Pranjal

    i have made a thumb rule- is there akshay kumar in the movie? if yes DON’T watch it. If No, read rajan’s review and then decide 😛

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