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Samsung Galaxy Fit – review

So you want a smart phone that sits pretty in your pocket, it should have a nice touchscreen and most importantly it needs to be Android based? Samsung brings to you Galaxy Fit that might just be the right fit phone for you and your purse if you are looking for a budget smartphone.

Galaxy Fit is part of the Samsung’s new Galaxy siblings along with Galaxy Pop and Ace.  If Ace is the little cousin of the popular and impressive Galaxy S, we can say Fit and Pop are the younger siblings of Ace. Today let’s talk about Fit and give space for Ace and Pop another day.

The Vital Stats:

  • Full touch smart phone with capacitive   3.31 TFT inch screen
  • 320 * 240 pixels
  • 600 MHz processor
  • Android 2.2 Froyo OS
  • Android browser
  • 5 MP camera with 3x digital zoom with 2592 x 1944 resolution, geo tagging, and auto focus
  • 160 MB internal memory with microSD slot that can be expanded upto 32 GB.  (the box comes with a 2 GB memory card)
  • 3G connectivity and includes wireless connectivity features in the form of Wi-Fi , microUSB v2.0, Bluetooth v2.1
  • Swype text input method
  • The display has Accelerometer sensor for auto – rotate
  • multi format Music player with DNSe sound enhancement and 3.5 mm jack, Wi-Fi access, FM radio.

Galaxy Fit with the above mentioned features is neatly packaged phone aimed at the entry level smart phone buyers who want a decent performance and features without hitting their purse hard.  The round edged phone with a 3.31 inch screen sits pretty well in one’s pocket and is quiet an eye candy too. Though personally, I liked Galaxy Ace when it comes to the design factor but Fit will definitely appeal to many with its shining white and black colored panels.

With Apps becoming more power hungry  and 1 Ghz processors finding place in upcoming models, the 600 MHz may be a bit let down but still with most regular usages, the the user interface felt smooth and responsive.

Though the 3.31 inch screen is pretty impressive, the 320 * 240 pixels resolution dents the euphoria. For an average user it can be lived with the easy to zoom in option with the pinch of the fingers.

The 5 MP camera may not be very impressive and it neither has an LED flash.

With the Android market with tons of free apps and also Samsung apps to dig upon,  you will never get bored with Fit in hand. 3 home screens in the phone is a happy note to fiddle around and pack widgets. Samsung has pre-loaded some of its own widgets to kick start the usage.

It comes pre-loaded with Samsung Social hub. The hub helps to initiate SNS, IM and email all from your Samsung Smartphone’s phonebook with just a single touch. The phonebook seamlessly integrates all of your SNS, IM, email, and calendar accounts. So for both business users and social networking users, you get a steady stream of communication inintegrated from your e-mail, text messages, calendars, and social networking feeds. A smartphone must be smart enough for your office needs.  Apart from the emailing functions, Fit is bundled with quickoffice. You can open your excel, word documents though you cannot edit them. You can also open all your e-books you have stored in pdf formats.

GingerChai verdict: In spite of the drawbacks or letdown we had mentioned, the good looking Fit does manage to impress us with its customized  Android 2.2 OS and goodies like  Swype text input method, accelerometer, good touchscreen with Samsung’s Touchwiz 3.0 interface, 3G , GPS navigation and business and social networking features etc. At the current selling price of Rs.10,700 it is definitely worth a buy. If you can stretch the budget by couple of few thousands, look forward to our review of Galaxy Ace.

Fit is indeed a Mr.Fit for those who want a decent smart phone for a decent price.


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    1. Post author
      Lakshmi Rajan

      Resale value? With the rate new models are coming up with new technologies. I don’t we can expect any decent resale value like we used to get earlier? My friend brought a blackberry curve couple of months back and when he wanted to exchange, he was quoted 2.5K now 😉

      Now with technology changing fast in terms of OS, processor, RAM and other features plus drop in the new mobile prices with the advent of new models.. I think resale value have crashed for most models.

  1. Arun

    How good is it when compared to LG optimus one.Am asking because its just some 500-600 Rs more.And waht about the battery compared to similar models.Also can you please tell how good is it when compared to Galaxy Pop.Thanks in advance

    1. Post author
      Lakshmi Rajan

      When compared to Pop , Fit is better in its look and the camera and also the tad screen is tad bigger than the Pop.

      About LG optimus, it is equally good. Fit’s battery is a bit disappointing and Optimus scores over Fit in this point.

  2. George

    Hi Lakshmi,
    I want a phone in this range mainly for browsing , reading pdf files, e-books etc.But you have said that the screen is a big disappointment.Is it good enough for the above purposes

  3. Ravi

    Does galaxy fit giv problem in apps installation n running dem properly???
    nd can da installation of softwares b done in da memory card?
    plz rply soon!!!!!!!

  4. MANOJ


  5. smriti

    Manoj, even I think Ace is a better choice..Screen size is bigger, it has LED flash too,and processor speed of the phone is higher too. But, price of the phone is higher than Ace. Ace – Rs. 14,760, Fit – Rs. 10,224.

  6. shreya

    hey am gonna buy galaxy fit soon….will u plz temme if its worth buyin..wat abt d sound quality in dat??? music player n abt d sound quality when i talk on d fone…
    how is d camera in dat??? is it clear?? n does it hang again n again.??

    1. Post author
      Lakshmi Rajan

      Hi Shreya, audio quality is decent enough but the headphone that came with the box was bit disappointing for me.

      About camera it is fairly good but do note Fit does not come with LED flash.

      When we tested it extensively, it did not hang even for once even while installing and uninstalling apps.

  7. Shobhan Mandal

    Looking at the pros and the cons of both Samsung galaxy fit and Lg optimus one which should I go for??? Please Help…

  8. navin

    what is the ram size of galaxy fit ,whether its upgradable to android2.3 and whether the ram size is limited or sharing?
    kindly leave a reply.

    thanks & regards,

      1. Vaibhav

        I am not able to see such option to store messages in sd card in my galaxy fit phone.
        Can you please let me nkow how to do the same?

  9. vamsi

    i am planning to buy galaxy fit. please suggest whether it’s battery can hold good. I am in a dilemma whether to buy fit or nokia c5-03.

    1. Post author
      Lakshmi Rajan

      It depends on your usage. If you are a heavy App user, battery might be of a little concern. So do let me know what kind of mobile user you are.

  10. sunakshi

    galaxy fit is certainly better…but 1 big problem is it does not send messages more than 3 pages…actually it sends but convert it in multimedia…:(

  11. LEO

    Nice that U hv maintained a nice blog..
    I hav purchased a fit recently..The thing is i like it very much except dat i am not getting about its display website doesnt quote,some sites say its 16 million,some say its 65 k..
    so can u help me in getting wat display resoltion it actually has…?

    1. Post author
      Lakshmi Rajan

      Galaxy Fit scores on better looks, better OS (Android 2.2 Froyo, while Xperia w8 comes with 2.1 eclair) and better camera.

      While xperia has a better resolution.

      But considering the above mentioned points and other features of both the phones, I would go for Fit. Do let me know what you finally decided 🙂

  12. eminence

    hi , i m lured by the 3g connectivity of this phone , its 7.2 mbps
    plz tell me the max download limit in kbps ,
    i jus gona buy to use it as a modem for my laptop , tell me about its battery drainage and also any android app to increse the battery performance ,

  13. nitin

    hey guys i am looking 4 Lg optimous p500 and samsang fit…i am jst lttle bit confuse which fone i was choose it…

  14. nitin

    hey guys i am looking 4 Lg optimous p500 and samsang fit..i am jst lttle bit confuse which fone i was choose it..i am jst looking 4 the review that both models
    and how is the battery backup…

  15. babie

    i have plan to buy galaxy fit
    some people said that the fit is very slow and bettery life is also very low is it true..?

  16. anil

    Hi All,

    Galaxy fit is one of the worst android phone in the market…. here are some main problems:- high consumption of battery, slow in performance, hanging problem, Phone Memory is Low for Andriod apps, U can not close apps once press back, etc…. I think Samsung just launched android phones without proper testing.HTC ginger is better and almost same in price…

  17. Arun

    hello Lakshmi….
    I want to know that can we change the songs of the music player with the help of button present in headphone.

    please reply soon.

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