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An elephant never forgets!

“It’s confirmed! You are like the elephant. But your memory is legendary!” my first brother stated as he sipped his tea.

“See, I told you….my memory is sharp! An elephant never forgets” I sat down with a smug smile on my face while sipping my coffee. I loved coffee.

“True…If you don’t count the toothbrush incident….”

“Hey, that was just one off… anyone can forget …we are human after all!”

“True….but you forgot your toothbrush for a WEEK!”

“Big Deal!”

“Chechi ( big sister in Malayalam), how can you forget the toothbrush you use everyday?!”

“Well…I was stressed that week…so it’s possible I forgot just one day…”

“You used the tooth powder every day, for ONE WEEK, until one morning when Dad mentioned your brush is always dry! Come on! Admit it you forgot!”

“Nope! I was just using the tooth powder for a change. Cleaning your teeth with your finger is the best way to flatten and polish your teeth…” I stated calmly.

My brother snorted. “Chechi, you do know that the TUSK (reference to my canine tooth that decided to go against the forces of nature and pop out in an obtuse angle with respect to the other law order abiding teeth) is never going to falling place with the others, right?”

“ Balooney! One must never give up hope!” I said as I poured my second cup of coffee.


“Don’t change the topic. “The younger brother joined in. “Your memory is legendary.”

“ True, I never forget.” I reconfirmed.

A loud snort followed. “ Chechi! Your memory is legendary in the things that you forget!.”

“ No way, I ain’t that bad!”

“Remember, the time you forgot the bus you rode home in?”


“ You forgot to tell Dad that you had extra class and you were coming by Bus No. 4.”

“Hey! I was at school and came straight home!”

“ The only problem was that you told them 6 and got on Bus No.4 “

“ I was trying to be home early!”

“Dad went around trailing Bus No. 6 from stop one till the end while you came home in your own time… in Bus No.4.  Boy! Was he MAD!”

“Well, how was I to know that the bus had five more stops in the afternoon?”

“ True… but telling DAD ‘I forgot’ truly gave us the insight to how you got whopped!”

“Hey! Am the big sister here! Trust me, I got everything stored in my head like an elephant!” I said knocking my head.


“ Chechi! You have a tendency to forget!” my sister quipped, joining the brigade.

“ You too!! Brutus!” I exclaimed.

“Sorry!  Chechi, it’s true. Remember the time when you had the pre board exams?”

“What about it?” I poured my third cup of coffee.

“ You stayed up all night and studied for Geography. You were so hard working.”

“True. I loved the subject. “

“ The only problem was, you went to school for the exam just to find out that the Geography exam….  was two days later!!!”

“Yikes! Don’t remind me! I had to take the horrible History exam from memory.”

“ And, we all know that your memory… is legendry!”

“Hey! I scored 60% from that legendry memory!”


“ Admit it! Your memory is really bad! You just passed by fluke” the brothers quipped.

“No way!  “

“ You were so forgetful, you once forgot to bring Big Bro home from Sunday School!” the younger brother stated as he pointed a crusted cookie at me.

“ I was 7 years old! Big Deal!”

“What about the time when you got off the wrong floor, banged on the wrong door and asked the woman at the door what she was doing at your place?” The sister asked.

“That was genuinely an error. I was preoccupied and disoriented. I truly forgot.”


“Did she just admit that she forgot?” asked the husband. It was open game now.

The brothers nodded.

“Thank God, you guys got her to admit it…she did the laundry with all colours together and my white shirt and pant turned pink!”

“ It matched with the maroon shirt!” I defended.

“Yes, if there was a Halloween party to which I was required to wear it to….”

“ To be fair my clothes were ruined too!”

“ Yes, but you kept saying that the washing machine has some problem with detecting colours! I believed you!”


A loud chortle and laughter followed.


“ Kids! Back off!  She has managed to learn six languages. That does count for a good memory” my mother countered, trying to defend me against the brigade.

“Yes…I remember her trying to speak to that Arabic guy in Hindi. For some reason she thought he could understand Hindi and English with a mix of a few INSHALLAH!” the younger brother quipped.

“Hey! I admit, I have forgotten a few things over the years. But, I do have a sharp memory. How many times have I got your backs on the books you forgot and I remembered seeing…Huh??” I was beginning to feel thirsty now. I looked irritated.

“Hey , Chill! We were joking sis. You have a great memory. You are right, an elephant never forgets!” my sister said as everyone crossed their fingers behind their backs.

“Well, now that is settled, pour me some coffee. I have not had a single cup of coffee today…”

Everyone looked at each other and then at me.

“Why are you guys looking at me so strangely?!”


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  1. sumit

    Refreshingly funny. I personally love to maintain the persona of being forgetful. Gets me out of sticky situations 🙂

  2. Siny

    Hey Ann,

    Did you forget the time when you got on an auto from changanacherry to get to Kottayam? LOL!!!

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